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2007-12-30 - 5:53 p.m.

Home at last. Sunday afternoon and we made it home early in spite of my stated goal to stop and see things we always pass by.

I took a flyer on a different way to hwy 10 from the Fallbrook area, passing through Hemet. There we saw the (Click) Hemet Maze Stone, a rock carving estimated to be a 15,000 year old petroglyph. I just happened to see the historical marker so turned there. It was pretty amazing.

I also wanted to see the (Click) George S. Patton Memorial Museum, but we went right by when it was dark yesterday. Every time we go to California we are in too much of a hurry to stop. Maybe next time.

My daughter and her husband are doing very well so that part of the trip was good. My Mother seems to have adapted at least mostly to my Dad's passing last year, but Pablo is driving her crazy. His lifestyle of cavorting all night and sleeping all day, drives her nuts. His friends are mostly low class too, which makes her feel afraid when they are around. She won't throw him out, and he has no plans to change from being a druken, stoned speed freak, so that's some sort of impasse situation. She oftem seems like a bitter old lady lately because of that, and I resent being the brunt of her foul mood. The rest of the time she is fine and is healthy and normal.

We also went to visit Amy's cousin in Fallbrook. She was suddenly diagnosed with a very fast spreading cancer. It moves into another area every TWO days. I'm afraid she might not have too long left.

I called my cousin in Las Vegas to see how my Aunt was, in the hopes we might be able to see her in the hospital. We got the news she passed away Christmas eve. I think that's the end of an era for me, all my real father's siblings and other family are now gone. Hopefully I 'll be able to keep up with my cousins Steve and Chris.

So Christmas was mixed this year, but seeing my daughter and some old friends was worth the long trip.

I'll have some good restaurant recomendations and two of my favorite wines for you next time.

Curiouoso* isn't all depressing, and wishes he could have shared these fine wines in your company around a cozy fire!

P.S. Nici you look great! That motor cycle ride is still an open offer. Pammy, I think you've really improved your life this year. May you and yours continue to grow together! Kim, I know your dog business will take off this year. Amy and I must really meet you and Jim this coming year. Dear life as me, I really enjoy reading your diary and NO, I probably wouldn't want all your relatives more than once. It does a body good to hear how Yoda is doing these days! Mpeacock, You must have had a fascinating early life that you are continuing now, even if it is a bit lonely. If I can swing it on the way to or from Ireland, I'd definately like to drop in with Amy. I'll let you know and see how the dates sound to you, OK? All right, I know I didn't get everyone, but trust me that I often feel like a future friend and empathize with all of you in your lives. Have a great next year and do what I say, not as I do, Don't break your Ankle! It's no fun!


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