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2008-06-01 - 7:48 p.m.

OK, Who peed in the hot tub?

Rat Ryan came in Thursday and asked, "What's wrong with the hot tub?"

We went to look at it, the water was perfectly clean, but it was bright yellow! It looked like some had drained the hot tub, took lots of vitamins, then peeded 500 gallons into my hot tub! Both the Rat and I had been in it a day earlier and it looked great. At first I thought some wierd algie, but that couldn't be right, it was too clear and clean. I tested the water and the test chemicals shouted too little ph, the acid was too high, and the test kit turned Bright Yellow! I was about to pour the test water back in when I had a thought; maybe I poured the test water back in so much that the chemicals were showing up like the test kit itself, Bright Yellow! I threw in some PH stuff and as it hit the water, the yellow turned clear instantly! It was like a magic trick, instant clear. At least no one peeded in it!

I didn't do anything today except aviod Amy. She left most of the day anyway so that wasn't hard. We really need to straighten a few things out.

Next week we go to the wedding in California. That will be great! Unlike some people, I never went to many weddings of my peers, back in the day. But these 2nd generation weddings, of their kids, seem to be happening regularly. That and graduations. I still haven't heard about my Irish Passport / citizenship. I really want this process to be finished so I can move where I want and work where I want. I'm so sick of Bullshit.

Curiouoso* might be seriously depressed.....


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