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2004-07-06 - 5:21 p.m.

Be prepared to be pissed off! Then think about it, Yes, I'm Crass and Callow, when I'm not a gentleman and a scholar, but this was my first thought when I saw the female talking head gush over the amazing technology that our military was being "allowed" to use for the holiday, to talk on camera to thier families back home.

Wow, I can actually converse live with my family and show them I'm not dead yet! Brought to you by the same assholes that sent me here to die for their pocketbooks. How kind they are, the next best thing to actually BEING WITH my loved ones instead of courting the big deep six.

Maybe Saddam Hussain's trial and most likely death penalty, will set a precedent we can use on some of our own "political Terrorists". I can hardly wait....(Dear NSA, if the votes not secret, I'm voting not guilty! See no thought police neccessary here! ;} You don't think they know that means wink,wink,cross my heart, hope to die, do you?)

Note: Thats "See, NO thought police neccessary here," not "See, NO THOUGHT, police [are] neccesary here." A little matter of proper punctuation goes a long way!

Actually that wasn't me, I think I've got the Reagan Virus, It writes naughty things about dead (soon)presidents in your diary.

Special note today, I luv my Texas Buddy, she's the best!

Later that same life......

It's 2:53 in the morning and my mind has been busy far I think I lost it. REWARD: Lost mind, definately used and not suitable for children. Please return to Senor Curiouoso. It will not fit in square boxes, has tendency to escape outside boxes with little or no provocation.

In contrast to my Morals, which I tend to keep wrapped in thier original packaging, stored with the good china, virginal and pristine for that happy day at the Pearly Gates. You know for bartering purposes. New, unused, set of Morals, untouched by human hands, (at least American hands, having been manufactured in the far east, outsourced like so much else these days, but I digress..)Unstained, so Mr. St. Peter, can we make a deal so I can wander those streets of gold?

I know I've been a bit irreligious lately, with far too much vulgarity, and I appologize. But lets look at history:

Dawg Gone the torpedos half-steam ahead, Don't mess with Johnny Jones!

Frankly my dear I don't give a Hoot, or a Hollar for that matter!

What if Brutus was named Maurice? Et Tu Maurice? We wouldn't have words like Brutal or Brutalized....Honey,I was just "Mauriced" in prison. Too True.

I'm going now, I think I see my mind over there lying in the gutter, just following the rest of me for sure.

Don't forget to serve my tea in a warm cup, Curiouoso*


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