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2004-08-23 - 8:25 p.m.

I just reread this and it's kind of awkward syntax but I'm too tired to change anything now. I apologize for that and for the crappy HTML that I've been to lazy to mess with. I owe anyone taking the time to actually read this more than that. I will try to pick up the quality from here on out. Tom Amorado ********************************************************** Monday night and I just got back from a quick drive to California. The 2000 miles started at noon friday and ended at 6pm today. My 20 year old son, you may recall, just moved here to live after living with his sister in Calif for a year. He heard of his old Karate school's "fight night" and wanted to go. He also wanted to pick up the last of his stuff. So I rented a big Chevy Tahoe SUV and we drove to Ca. for the night. My idea was a chance to get in some quality time with him. Teenagers need a little maintenance periodically when you haven't seen them for awhile. His was just a bit of attitudinal adjustment. I'm not into "life roadmaps", we broght him up right, instilled the basis for good decisions, and now just have to provide a little "maintenance" to keep things moving. Everyone needs to be able to make some errors and learn for themselves as well as decide thier own fate and paths. I see my job as a parent, as providing some support after giving the "children" the right framework for living life. Anyway that part of the trip was fine but it was long and tiring so I'll update all my prodigious thoughts on things another day soon. I've updated less lately because I've actually got a life (surprise surprise!) and I want quality over quantity. I've written down tons of stuff on this trip to post soon. Still Curious, yours, Curiouoso*


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