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2004-10-24 - 8:40 p.m.

I'm in Des Moines, IA at a nice hotel. It took 55 mins to get thru the TSA boarding security line. 55 mins! And for what???? To make sure no one hijacked a plane with knitting needles. I feel so much safer now... OK, This is a terrorist incident! Give me your politics or I'll clip your toenails with this toenail clipper! Or, This is a Hijack situation, fly me to the middle east or I'll make you drink this Breast milk! Such scary stuff! What do you think? Only send me notes if you actually fly occaisonally. Anyone who doesn't fly will probably think This stuff is of value and protects us all. Those of us who fly regularly will probably tell you it's B.S. and a waste of time.

I flew to Ireland a number of times during the "troubles." London to Ireland had strict security...Real security, questions and pat downs, None of those planes got hijacked. Professionals don't confiscate nail clippers. Professionals don't just flirt with pretty girls or chat with the attractive women ( they also don't shoot themselves in the foot like happened in San Francisco last year.) (It was actually a National Guardsman shooting himself in the butt ) This whole waste of time is a load of crap....designed to get US citizens to become acclimated to NAZI QUESTIONS: Where are you going, Why, What business do you have in blah,blah, blah. Take off your shoes sheeple and don't ask questions.

We were the last on the plane, 15 mins late because of the useless crap. The crew was obviously used to it they didn't even flinch. Phoenix, you may recall, just fired thier TSA head of security brcause it was the most efficient airport in checkpoint wait times and, wanting more staff, the director told the screeners to slow things up, in a memo. So he's gone, but the policy seems to have remained.
What, citizen, you don't like the wait? What are hiding? 4 legs good two legs bad, don't you know!!!!



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