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2005-01-14 - 2:28 p.m.

101 things about me you forgot to ask:

1. I've been described as a risk taker.

2. I have parachuted, both tandem and solo.

3. I used to be afraid of heights to some extant, prior to jumping out of an airplane.

4. After I first solo jumped, the "glad to be alive syndrome" kicked in. That's an expression of life so strong I wanted to have sex there and then, with anything that moved! (close, not quite!)

5. People often get this after surviving any near death experiance. I certainly do!

6. I have bungi jumped off a bridge.

7. As usual I volunteered to be first.

8. The bungi cords were too long and I came very close to hitting the ground. I only found out when I asked them why they were shortening up the cords prior to my second jump. I jumped again anyway.

9. Guys often talk about the car they owned that was the fastest thing since sliced bread. Mine was a Suzuki 1100 motorcycle that was turbocharged.

10. I rode it to 11 sec 130 mph in the quarter mile. A good racer could get 10.2 sec @ 145 mph out of it. I have old timeslips to prove it!

11. The most fun cars I had were an 1963 Austin Healy 3000 and a 1956 Austin Healy 100-4 with a chevy 327 in it.< p>

12. I'd love another one but they range 20K and up. Maybe 35-40K for a good 100/4. Everyone I ever asked about Healys said they were the most fun car they ever owned.

13. I've driven 260 km an hour on the autobahn.

14. I've driven a motorcycle over 135 mph.

15. I got a speeding ticket on the turbo bike for 110 in 25 mile zone and shooting 2 red lights. I didn't even know I was being Chased until the cop caught up 10 miles later while I was sitting on the bike stopped on highway 1.

16. He said " Do you know how dangerous it is for me to chase you at speeds over 100 mph for miles?" I replied, " If it was so dangerous why'd you do it?" I'm not too tactful sometimes.

17. I used to get traffic tickets all the time when young. It's true they pick on teens with fixed up cars. I haven't got a traffic ticket in over 10 years, maybe longer. Nothing else has changed except age and I usually drive nicer cars.

18. I was the "centerfold" in a magazine once. No, I wasn't nude.

19. I was once asked to be in a Mitchell Brothers Porno film. Not as a "performer", but clothed, like a bartender part.

20. I turned down the opportunity because I thought it might impact some future career. I would do it now if I had the opportunity again.

21. I used to read Tarot cards for fun and was asked to do Artie Mitchell's by a madam friend. That is how the offer came about.

22. I have been precognitive when faced with danger before.

23. I credit a forewarning with saving my life at least twice.

23. A forewarning saved me from being mugged and possibly killed once.

24. Warnings doesn't necessarily involve intelligence....Hence I was so pissed I went along with the program with the intent on destroying all five of the muggers. They got so flipped out when they realized I knew and didn't care, but rather looked forward to mayhem, they called it off and ran away. All dressed up and no one to kill, that's frustrating and exceedingly stupid. I never did it again.

25. I've been held up at gun point by a crazy junkie.

26. When he was caught I went out of my way to insure a long prison term for him.

27. I was once warned by a judge, "Don't ever let me catch you in this town again!" He never did.

28. I was beaten up daily in grade school by bullies.

29. I acted tough in high school to aviod conflict.

30. I never got in fights, I hate it.

31. None the less, I was told a few years ago that I was very intimidating often.

32. After that I consciously try to be less intimidating except when in the wrong places at the wrong times....then look out!

33. I am not a violent person but you might think so if we talk about someone endangering my friends or family.

34. I took Tae Kwon Do for a couple of years, 40+ hours a week.

35. Fighting in tournaments is totally different than actual violence.

36. I was walking back to my hotel late at night once in New York City when two thug looking guys sitting on the curb down a side street got up and started walking toward me. I thought "tournament fight time" and put on my ugliest kill expression. When they saw me angle my direction towards them they turned around and went the other way.

37. I credit my self defense training for protecting me at least 3 times or more.

38. I'm straight, whatever floats your boat is cool with me.

39. When "hit on" by a gay dude I just say, "Thank you, but I'm just not into it." I'm not mad just not interested.

40. I won't bore you with sexual details here, but it's been interesting.

41. I feel I've been a pretty good parent, so far. (Parenting never seems to end.)

42. I have two children, a boy and a girl.

43. They are both fine people that I like as well as love.

44. I wonder if I ever had another child unbeknownst to me. It's a possibility.

45. I found many relatives no one knew were related to me over the years. So far they have all been nice.

46. It doesn't look like We'll be grandparents anytime soon.

47. I have a Big Black Lab, Midnite the Minority dog.

48. We are practically twins....(Don't tell mom!)

49. I love dogs, but don't care much for cats.

49. Cats love me because they think I'm related to them (I.E. familars) maybe because many of my forbearers were accused of being witches in Salem!

50. Theres a few cats I'd like to dropkick into the next lifetime except I don't mistreat animals, no matter how fucked up they are.

51. I have allergies to some kinds of cat hair.

52. I have dated "Cat" women, maybe opposites do attract.

53. I'm open to new experiances.

54. I like to travel. Long airplane rides no longer have any romance or excitement for me. Now I just want to get there.

55. I've been married nearly 25 years to one woman. Who'd a thought?

56. I believe I met a real life KGB spy or associate once who checked me out because I came to thier attention in a tense intrnational situation. Having read a lot about trade craft since, I can see exactly what went on. They were certainly disappointed as I was not any sort of player in the situation. I believe other people I met shortly after were other agents trying to figure what the first was doing with me.

57. If I hadn't been clueless then, I probably would have tried to have fun with it, most certainly a WRONG move.

58. I've flown in gliders and private planes but don't have any desire to learn to fly myself.

59. I took a flying lesson once and the instructor said go ahead and take it down to land. 10 mins. later, over the airport, I was still at 1000 feet. She laughed and said you have go down to land! It was nice to pilot around the sky but getting too close to the ground didn't interest me!

60. Most all my readers are women. That's OK.

61. I never thought seriously about living to the year 2000. It seemed like the far future.

62. I haven't been impressed with this century yet, but I guess I better get used to it cause the next one is a long way off!

63. I'm a liberal.

64. That's not a dirty word!

65. I believe in a woman's right to choose. It would be very difficult for me to personally make a termination choice because I was born a bastard. Like they say, "I was born a bastard, Some people spend thier whole lives trying to become one!"

66. I like old stuff, like castles and old adobes.

67. I can sit down and literaly "feel" the time and place of the artifact.

68. To feel these things is a very special thing. What they mean is often very ephemerol.

69. I have "climbed" most every castle, ruin, ring fort and stone circle I have encountered in Ireland. I have checked out or meditated at most every "Holy Well" or Dolmen I've been to in Ireland.

67. I have personally walked the "Road to the Dishes" and hiked up to St. Colmen's rest, Done St. Patrick's Mountain (Crough Patrick), Explored the hill of Tara, touched each stone of Stonehenge, "felt" the fortifications of Luxembourg, experianced the Bighorn Medicine Wheel of Wyoming, walked the ruins of many southwestern cultures of the U.S.and been to many Aztec and Mayan cities.

68. What does it mean? Can I Know what knowledge they impart? Do they impart knowledge????

69. I like wine....

70. I have at least 5 tattoos but no piercings.

71. I want to lick a breast and/or belly button piercing.

72. I want to suck a pussy piercing. Sorry I couldn't resist!

73. I "love" each and every one of my readers, each for a different reason.

74. I Love intelligent people, sometimes I confuse quick and literate for intelligence. Parroting College lessons doesn"t count as intelligence. (JB, I'll make an exception until you prove worthiness, then I'll genuflect to you!)

75. (Almost there, woo hoo)I have a bad habit of starting these web pages, then finishing and editing later, but leaving incomplete messes around for public view in the mean time.

76. I have to learn not to write stuff while enjoying a glass or two or three or sixteen(!) of wine.

77. I like most kinds of music. Rap generally doesn't qualify as music! Country music with lyrics like this: "I came home drunk cause my girl ran off with my cousin, kicked my dog after he bit me for watching Jerry Springer and relating to it, ran away to ride the rodeo and ended up in a compromising position with a Brahma Bull", is not my favorite music.

78. I have 7 computers, 5 cars and a motorcycle right now. There are 7 working phones in the house now, with 5 different phone numbers,3 TVs and hundreds if not a thousand books.

79. Do I regret spending $4000. on my LCD TV? No, except there's very little of interest to watch.

80. Do I believe everything I read on the internet? No, except I believe everything YOU write! Please don't be a 12 yr.old girl! Or worse, someone my age pretending to be a 12 year old girl!

81. I've been told I have a high I.Q. I think my practical intelligence has dropped severely, or maybe they lied.

82. I've done some pretty stupid things in the past but try to act smarter in the last 15 years. (Yeah, I learn slowly!! See above #81).

83. I work in the computer field.

84. I used to be in sales, everything from life ins. to cars to computers and software.

85. I used to be a lifeguard. I never saved anyone.(No one had the temerity to try and drown.

86. I've been married 3 times, but only once legally.This doesn't include below...

87. I also had an Elvis impersonator marry me to 2 women at the same time in Las Vegas but we never got a license and only one did the dirty deed to consumate the "marriage". It was just for fun.(ask for the pic)

88. I've had sex with a woman at work. I've had sex with a number of women I work with, but only a couple "at work".

89. I've been to houses with "soiled doves" working in in them, and even almost fell in love with one.(key word - ALMOST)

90. One of my close friends was a Madam. It was interesting watching her run the business. Most of her girls were OK, but usually fucked up in some way.

91. Why would someone always act like an ex-hooker is still a prostitute and very sleazy even if she hasn't been one for ever? It would be like saying, "that Tom is a lifeguard, lets see if he'll watch our pool", even though that was when I was 17.

92. I committed a felony in Nevada by having intercourse with a hooker and not using a condom. That will never happen again.

93. I've never had a Venereal disease but I did have the measeles and the mumps once.( This info is given just in case you want to help me "get lucky!)

94. I think the President is a Moron.

95. I think Kerry is much smarter, but I've lost respect for him after he rolled over and played dead in the face of massive fraud.

96. I'm afraid that people will actually vote for Arnie Swartzenazi if the constitution is changed so he can run.

97. Are my countrymen so stupid that a demonstratably psycho moron can be elected president and they think a Nazi from Austria, a known woman-abuser, is a better candidate for president than any of 330,000,000 natural born Americans? Read that BIG number again and think about it!

98. Would you help me change the U.S. constitution so my Dog can run? Midnite is NOT a Nazi and is asexual, having been "chopped" at an early age. He makes friends with everyone, is quiet and well mannered and is a pacifist unless attacked. What more could we want?

99. I was going to make links to lots of this stuff but I'm too lazy.

100. Does anyone actually read this crap? I spent hours composing it.

101. I'm throwing in the towel for now. No Mas! No Mas!

If you have any questions about the above, leave me a note. I explain or lie (Just kidding) to the best of my abilities. Example: What kind of A**hole would blast thru Muir Beach, Ca. @ 120+mph and blow thru both stop lights without slowing down? Answer: Someone on "The Sunday Morning Ride", @ 6:00 AM on an Easter Sunday before all 300 residents are out of bed.

Thanks for reading, Curiouoso*


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