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2007-08-24 - 2:11 p.m.

What is going on here?

I haven't updated for 5 days, but my stats show 153 new page views by 117 new hosts,spread out over North America if you believe they aren't spoofed. They all find me with THIS:

Strange....Oh Well, I hope you enjoy Curiouoso*!

Remember this?

Let me repeat this: "Thank You, trustworthy financial companies for offering to indemnify me(NOT) against your FUCKING STUPIDITY in case I lose money through your DICKLESS, DUMBSHIT BEHAVIOR!"

Yes, I recieved another letter, cleverly composed to aviod taking any responsibility or accepting any liability, a couple days ago, this time from Certigy Check Services. Strangely enough, I recieved a $500. fraudulant charge on my American Express bill the same day! Why would I do business with such a Fucked-Up company?

I NEVER DID! They are a "service provider to U.S. retail merchants", who processed my information for some company (They refused to provide the name of) that I apparently bought something from. ???? Maybe. They fired their "former employee who misappropriated and sold consumer information to a data broker who in turn sold a subset of that data to a limited number of direct marketing organizations.", including "The misappropriated information included names, addresses, and telephone numbers as well as, in many cases, dates of birth and bank account or credit card information. Approximately 2.3 million records are believed to be at issue, with approximately 2.2 million containing bank account information and 99,000 containing credit card information."

Why not just publish my SS#, mother's maiden name and take my firstborn as well? I think their president, a Mr. Renz Nichols, should adopt the Japanese custom of Seppaku. Take responsibility and disembowel yourself in public. And should he fail to complete his death, Curiouoso* volunteers to help him complete the act by lopping off his head with a Samurai sword.

The Chinese are taking responsibility like this: "They found the body hanging on the third floor of the Lee Der toy factory. Zhang Shuhong, a 52-year-old businessman, had apparently committed suicide, just days after Mattel blamed his company, Lee Der Industrial, in Foshan, in southern China, for the recall of one million toys coated in toxic lead paint." Source

Here is the complete company info:

Certigy Check Services
P.O. Box 30046
Tampa,Florida 33630

Call or write them and let them know they are Fucked Up!

Curiouoso* is feeling Bloodthirsty again! Maybe He'll post Mr. Nichols's Personal info online, including his Social Security number and his credit report! Tit for Tat! After all what good is it to be an expert with computers if you don't fight back?


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