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2005-01-10 - 10:54 p.m.

What to report today?

Today was a very busy day. I dropped off 1 car and 1 motorcycle at repair shops, applied for 3 different jobs, arranged and paid for 2 different auto insurance policies, ordered and ate the better part of 3 pizzas, answered beaucoup emails and most important (and irritating), took a tech support call from my mother.

Yes, I am chief tech support person for my parents. My dad, with Alzheimer’s, is the easiest "client". If I'm busy and don't want to deal with it the conversation goes something like this: "What's happening? Oh I see, yes that's a problem all right. Dad, Did this just happen? Yeah, you called me yesterday and I fixed it for you, remember? Try again tomorrow and if it happens again I'll fix it again! Thanks and say hi to mom for me, OK? Bye."

Moms a bit too on the ball for that fix. She calls and says that hotmail told her she lost her server and can I find it for her. Damn, they lost my server last week and I'm still looking for it. Maybe they eloped together. How's that song go, Two servers in Par-a-dise...OK Mom your ISP is still there...What's an ISP? Listen Mom, I'm going to email Hotmail and tell them to put our servers back. I'll give you a call when they get done. Bye, say hi to Dad for me.

How many times have I told her if she was a client at work, I'd quit my job??? Hey if I only had a job to quit!

Speaking of which, I finally sent begging emails to a couple of my coworkers on the last project. I hate begging my friends to find me a job. But the good news is maybe some of you did think good thoughts for me. (Shame on you if you didn't, I didn't ask for money, honey!) Not an hour after Tim got my email he recieved a job offer that he couldn't take being that he's already working. He called them and referred me so I have an interview tomorrow morning. Decent pay, and a little travel, and something I'm absolutly qualified for! So, back to thinking good thoughts for me!! Remember what comes around goes around, etc, etc. Get some good karma, cheap today!

No one read me yesterday, not 1 person :( In the last 10 days I've had 334 pageviews. Considering there's only been 2134 pageviews in 6 months, I'm on a roll, at least until yesterday.

Make my day! Send me a note today telling me you've lucid-dreamed me into a fantastic job, or failing that, that you saw me winning the lotto in your dreams, or at least that your uncle's third wife has a strong feeling that Curiouoso is a gentleman and a scholar. Hey, come on, throw me a bone here!

I'm hoping that if heaven is so great as reputed, that God in his infinate wisdom decides the chihuahua next door is a good little doggy, that he sends him there right now, before I do, the noisey little bastard! Curiouoso*


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