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2007-02-10 - 7:33 p.m.

The wake was interesting. It didn't seem weird or unnatural to have the body in the house. Many neighbors and family members came by. The house was really to small for the over 150 people that came bye. Some stayed over night others till 3 am. A priest came out and gave a short service.

A public visitation was held the next day for anyone who wanted to come by. The line was out the door and around the corner for 3 hours. Each mourner shook hands with each family member and said, "Sorry for your loss."

There was about 50 immediate family members. 4 of Molly's siblings, 7 in Amy's family, 21 grandchildren, a couple great grandchildren and assorted spouses.

After a mass held the next day, where I did a reading, we set off for the graveyard and burial. Afterwards there was dinner for anyone who wanted to come. Over 100 mourners ate afterwards.

Today, with all the mourning done Amy, Mel, Nick and I went to Blarney castle and wandered the grounds. We will head back north then go see neolithic barrow tombs near Dublin. Last, a trip to the Aran Islands and it's home.

A friend lent us a large house on the quay, the 3rd building from the end of the pier. We've stayed in the grey one next door and the building on the corner opposite before as well. The "old priests house" in the upper right is owned by friends from California.

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