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2008-09-05 - 8:38 p.m.

Sorry...I said I'd update this about Las Vegas a week ago, then I let it slide. I'm not going to update about that or anything else that touches on vulnerable spots.

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to, cry if I want to.... remember that song? Substitute diary for party and hide for cry and you get the picture.

Yep, I feel that some of you readers, having read me for a while, don't need to know everything. Yep, no vulnerabilities here....1950 tough, men don't talk about stuff. If no one that I intended to know in person, like the Javelina gang, or the East coast ASShole clique read this, I might let things out. I meant at one point to say. But too many things went down to continue, so I'll just start with a different subject.

Today for example, I was speaking with one of the locators in our group, one of the few women that do that job. I was talking about inherited traits (genes) vs learned behavior. We were speaking about our kids and how I felt mine turned out great, but that part of that was luck because some children just turned out poor in spite of a good upbringing.

I mentioned some recent research that tends to say that genes can govern many behaviors, even though I think that environment and proper upbringing can modify any inherited traits.

She asked what I meant, and I said the latest genetic discovery had to do with happy marriges etc. I gave the e4xample of my "natal" father and his tendency to have children everywhere, and the family tree research that might indicate that multiple spouses/lovers/whatever might have run in that family line.

She immediately responded, "So you are saying you cheat on your wife"? I immediately respoded ,"No, I'm not saying that at all."

However complex behavior cannot be reduced to simple concepts, as none of us fit in little cubbyholes as far as our beliefs, relationships and realitys make up a complex personality.
Already through injudious explanation in an email I gave someone whom I admire and respect some misleading idea of my views about close friendships, what that means to me and how I might relate to someone like that. While no harm was done there, I'm sure there may be a question in that persons mind about what exactly I'm like. Not good, these spurious ideas that once started are hard to assuage.

Enough already!

At work they put GPS units in most company vehicules. Our group is responsible for the performance, but we say We aren't the GPS police. Some managers are using it to check up constantly on the workers. This is wrong and only engenders bad feelings if people think they are being checked up on constantly. If you have reason to believe someone isn't doing thier job, OK, valid use, but random checking equals low morale etc.

Our IT van at my building can have all the GPS tracking they want....We are so close to everything that in 2 years our new van has only 1850 miles on it! Hey track away ASSHOLES! it just sits in one spot all the time or goes less than two miles to visit most every building! I think we've only filled the gas tank 5 times in 2 years!

Tombstone Rosie did you get that cute javalina picture I sent you? I'll reduce the size and resend it if not.

I really want to do some charity events. Is there anyone here who might be interested in sponsoring me for one? What charity would you prefer? I'm leaning towards an international event where the "cost "of admission is $15,000. perhaps in early 2009. Also would anyone like to participate in some thing like a bike ride or two week trek with me and a few others? I raised about $10,000 for aids charity on the 525 mile bike ride back in 2001, so I could help you raise money....I think this was one of the most important things I've ever done, (other than raising my children/family things) and I really want to help more. Please let me know because I'm in the process of trying to solidify something now. Join me in helping others that need it and do yourself some good too. Email me if you want to know what benifits I recieved and what I expect from future efforts.

Curiouoso thinks life is too short not to love and help others. Catch him in this sentimental mood and make him commit before it passes!

I'm down another 6 pounds on the restarted diet.... Soon I'll be at the lowest I've been in 15 years. I guess that won't make any difference to some people, but I'm going to keep working on it for myself and health, and if my personality can't overrule this temporary "fat" image, I guess that might be a shallow viewpoint. OR, You think I have a Shitty personality! Oh Well!


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