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2006-04-15 - 6:07 p.m.

Doctors, I've seen a few now. I mean I see them and talk with them daily, but I've visited with more for continuing checkup stuff. Actually since I'm healthy, It's all weight related now. I saw a dietition, very old school and recomended too many carbs for me, but I'm willing to try it so we'll see. I'm going to this "learn" class, which is about 20 sessions related to weight loss, from exercise to diet to psychological exploration of why we might eat or gain weight.

So far I've modified my diet, changed to water only for drinks at lunch, walk with Amy at night and take the stairs between certain floors at work.
I've been tracking my steps and had over 12,000 on thursday, 8500 friday, and am up to 8450 today with time left. Then of course Amy wants to walk at night....Right! All day I worked on the house. A tree blew over again last night and crap from the the whole nieghborhood blew into my yard. What's with that? Am I a magnet for garbage?
I hired 2 guys from the Home Depot parking lot to do yard work and kept them busy most of the day. They did a good job and I was appreciative of thier help. My Espanol is getting better each time. I can say, "Hey baby, wanna fool around", and "Go suck a big one pendajo" in Spanish now.
Just what one needs for a happy, stress-free daily life.

Of course I checked thier papers to make sure they were legal, witheld the proper social security and FICA, and even gave them a chance to start a 401K and buy health insurance, NOT.

Until our Government can come up with a realistic immigrant plan, I would like to give these people who want to work and work hard a chance. BTW, I didn't see any Americans volunteering to work in the hot 82 degree sun pulling weeds all day for $8.00 an hour. I always offer 8 and if they do a good job say $10.00, but these 2 did so good I gave them $12.50 an hour. I always want to be more than fair cause they are often ripped off and not paid at all.

I also put up a new fan in the bedroom with the cathedral ceiling, and pulled shitloads of weeds myself.

I'm just sitting here hot, stinky and beat reflecting on how someone may have stolen my paycheck out of the mailbox today and how to deal with it.

Maybe the same way I plan to deal with the homeowners assn. They just sent out new rules that state they have the right to enter your property and fix something at your expense, without notice and it's agreed that will not be considered actionable trespassing.

No one asked me about that, so I'm sending them a letter stating I agree that's not trespassing, if they agree when I shoot thier ass, that it was a justifiable homicide! Actually I don't even own a gun but I do have a big baseball bat!

Just who in the Hell do those Nazi Bastards think they are anyway? They must be Republicans!

Speaking of Governmental Bastards, I read somewhere on the net, I don't remember where, that if our government uses ANY Nuclear weapons, they should all be shot, hung or both, by the people and then just elect a new congress and a new president.

Curiouoso* thinks it might just be something to think about! Happy Easter!


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