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2005-05-03 - 4:50 p.m.


I got one of the positions last friday. One interview at a hospital was deferred to this friday and the other went really well.
So now I'm a part time IT temp at the Phoenix Cardinals Football team. I took it in spite of the part time status because it sounded fun to see the inside of Pro- Football. Normally I wouldn't deal with a three 20 hour weeks contract. I also liked the
contractor rep. If things go well and they should, It may lead to more contracts soon, or maybe more work at the Cardinals.
Suddenly, as usual, other potential work is coming fast. After two weeks ago, when I thought I might have the opportunity to choose between a couple, only to see them both go away, I'm going to interview until I'm blue in the face or till I get a good contract. In the mean time I intend to enjoy this contract and make some new friends.
This week is a very important anniversary for me. Three years ago this week was the killer stroke, but I'm not dead yet! The first year is the most dangerous for a recurrance, then the second year slightly less, with each succeeding year a far smaller chance of another major stroke or biting the big one. I'll be over the hump Mothers day. Now if I could just come up with a cogent explanation of this wierd pain shooting up my neck and into my brain behind my right ear! 4 days on & off with no respite.
I'm a little wierded out by it so have been back on asprin therapy and taking Plavix, a blood thinner & anti-clot medicine. I haven't taken anything for a couple years, but better safe than sorry. All I don't need is to lose all body functions and balance riding my Motorcycle at 100 mph, or even 10 mph. I don't want to follow in my (real)fathers footsteps that much. In spite of lots of motorcycles over the years, I've outlived him so far by 25 years. I always wear my helmet too, something he didn't do and paid for it.
Finally with a serious Atkins diet push, weight is dropping off, 6 lbs in 3 days. now maybe a pound or two a day for 3 weeks would be heaven!

Curiouoso* says "Life is good" (as long as I have it!)


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