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2008-09-10 - 6:02 p.m.

I've been sleeping a lot lately, especially my afternoon naps. I read a bit of some fiction book then lay my head back, close my eyes and I'm off and running into a dreamland, usually not anything near what I was reading. My lazyboy is so comfortable you can't help but nap instantly if you lay back. It helps that I've somewhat trained myself to just exit consciousness on cue. Well, if constant doing is practice, and if practice is training (and makes perfect) Then I'm perfectly trained! To nap anyway! I can easily turn these moments into lucid dreaming either by using the paragraph I'm reading as a map, or by setting a target as I slip away. Mostly I just let myself wander off and see where we end up. At night, I have a few recurring places I go to but they definately aren't in this reality. I've gone to a big house lately, owned by obscure relatives, with a back porch that overlooks a large field of grass, cut nicely like a golf course lawn. Along the side, after going through the gate, is a path that leads to a large multilevel patio and the pools that belong to the house. One is a large rectangular pool somewhat smaller than olympic sized, nicely heated, another is more like a lap pool, and moving to the right a bit more is a hot tub/pool.
The nieghbors often meet us there and swim and frolic with us. I think that the pool has been sold to the nieghbors now because it is so far from the residence. I've been there a few times now, but haven't tried to make any sense out of it. Just enjoying the scene. The lucid part of "lucid Dreaming" indicates that before I go to sleep I can set my dream state to go to this place and my dream will follow my instructions. Then at any time I can change or direct the dream as I wish while in the dream state. This is a great technique to solve issues that you are dealing with, because you can try different scenarios out, and if you aren't pleased with the outcome you can just reverse back and have your dream progress in a different way. When you wake up, the dream should be pretty vivid and might just help you make a difficult choice or understand why something didn't work for you. Try it and practice. If nothing else you can make it highly entertaining!

Astral Projection is a really cool skill if you have the knack for it. I have done it, but really don't have much control over doing it. It's difficult for me to say I'm going to relax, then leave my body behind and go to Paris (or wherever). I tend to just end up "flying around" and suddenly realize I'm Free and controlling my actions. It's not too usual for me to actually be able to decide in advance to leave my body behind and visit somewhere or accomplish a task. I have had more success when my body is busy coping with anestesia after an operation. Once I was out like a light, drugged to the max, when I found myself out astrally projecting. I went to a room far away and met with some government people, who proceeded to test my ability to look into a box or safe in another location. I found this task to be doable, in fact easy enough as I recall, reading and bringing back the contents of a paper including unspecified formulas or a number series. They were quite pleased, but I don't know why this never continued, except perhaps my lack of on-demand ability.

I've found that an intense emotion can often trigger some type of psychic ability. Once I had a really deep desire to have a question answered. It was early in the morning before I was getting up. For some forgotten reason this question became an intense, consuming desire to be answered.(This syntax seems to be evading me, but you get the idea). I found myself on a different plane of existence questing for this answer. Suddenly, like a prayer being answered by God personally, I was much like Moses in front of the burning bush, unable to look at God. The entity who suddenly agreed to answer my question (I don't claim this was God) was in front or near me, and let me know it would answer any question I had. I, like Moses, was unable to look at or approach this entity. I became instantly aware that my question, in fact ANY question I was capable of asking, was of such a trivial nature to this entity, that I was unable to even consider asking for an answer. Had I been able to somehow ask a question like what does life mean and what is the human race's purpose, I realize that in the scale of this entity's knowledge,experience,purpose, etc., that too would be so trivial, that I might cease to exist for the sheer imprudence of asking.

I left the area meekly, only to be confronted and mocked by 3 owl like entities hovering or sitting on a limb above me in a very frightening way. This went on for some time, and I was becoming more terrified every moment. I finally broke away and rushed back into my body with such a start that I was literally unable to move any portion of my body for quite some time. Altogether a frightening experience to be endure and one I'm sure isn't recomended to be undertaken without a guide along. I did reseach these 3 entities and found them in an illustration by Helen Blavatsky, in one of her books. Unfortunately I've long since sold that book and don't remember what the entities were.

Enough for you to chew on for now. Have any of you readers ever experienced something like this? Curiouoso* still has a vivid memory of this even after nearly 40 years, and doesn't want to go there again!

Next time we'll pick up on suggestive powers like under hypnosis, psychic experiences in general, types of prognostication, skrying and whatever else I happen to think of.

If you don't like this, or are bored with it, say so, and maybe we can move back to bitching and moaning about life or the big bad wolf!


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