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2006-05-14 - 4:40 a.m.

Wow - Revelations jumped up and smacked me right in the head yesterday. How could I not have seen? It is so obvious and transparent now that I know.

Mel's wedding is not just Mel's wedding....It's Amy's wedding too. The wedding she would have had 25 years ago but didn't. That's why it so expensive. We are actually having 2 weddings in one....maybe three, if Heidi is reliving hers as well.

Now, Amy and I had a simple wedding, none of her family was present, nor any of her friends. My dad gave her away and she had met many of my friends, but it was not the real fancy "storybook" weddding that Mel & Nick are having. Heidi and Will most likely had a fancy wedding, but perhaps Heidi is hoping to "revitalize" thier relationship thru this also. I don't know, not being around them enough.

My epiphany came yesterday, when Amy arrived home from a day of shopping for her dress for the wedding. When she got home she described the dress to me then said I couldn't see it until the it would be a surprise. Whoa, wait a minute, you aren't the bride here dear, you can show me the dress! When she modeled it for me it looked very bridal to me. White, and floor length, fancy with silk and lace,

sort of like this .

Now I understand. And I bet every woman reading this is thinking "Of course, Dummy, I could have told you that!"

In other wedding news, My brother Ron, from Iowa, is coming along with one of my nieces. After writing that she couldn't come, ,

Euro Bear

has called and said she will be there.

Re-reading That post, I realize I didn't explain what happened that day at the party.....

I ended up blitzed and definately feeling my oats. I actually let a few "secrets" slip to at least one partygoer, "Miss Hollywood." The Nickster's aunt, she is attractive and somewhat exotic looking. She spent many a year in Hollywood looking for that big actress break. It never came, but dreams die hard so while she supports herself with voiceovers and commercials, she has written, produced and starred in 2 movie shorts. they have been shown at some film festivals but never took off. After seeing one, I've had this desire, no, wish, to fondle her breats! I'm not talking some insane overiding scheme or plan that I must do, just that should the opportunty arise I'd love to touch and maybe a slight nuzzle. She has been very attractive to me every since I met her, and works closely with a tv commercial producer that user to work for me and was a real close friend. (See it's a small world after all.) Any way, this "idea" was never thought about or acted on, it was just an attraction. Well, at the party, I told her about it, and then just reached in and tweaked one. She wasn't mad, just a bit surprised. When I see her at the wedding, I'll have to apologize for my misbehavior. Another fantasy realized? Not hardly, but as long as I didn't insult or embarass her I guess things worked out. You know, I really think weddings like funerals DO have the tendency to promote amorous situations. (Amorous - in love, enamored: He had been amorous of her since the day they met.) Definately the situation with Euro Bear and to some extent Miss Hollywood, but for 25 years always enamored with Amy.

Well that's enough revelation and scandalous behavior for you all to chew on till next time.

Curiouoso's getting hot and bothered thinking of all these wonderful women!

P.S. You might think I'm a "Breast man" by all this, but I'm actually an "intelligence / personality" man, that being the number 1 attractor for me.


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