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2008-02-01 - 8:44 p.m.

In spite of what I wrote earlier in the week, work wasn't too bad this least until Wednesday.

I had a miserable computer problem that just wouldn't fix, so Thursday I had to come in at 4AM and get it working before the end user came in. I did, but the hard drive was so bad I had to replace it and start over with multiple apps, a process that took half a day. This morning I though that was my only pressing task until that new critical application that needs to be updated every morning failed on 30 laptops. I was the goat,I admit it was partially my fault because Thursday we had worked out a file verification method and it didn't work as planned. 1200 files times 30 laptops before anyone could leave and do thier work...

Can you say "Bad day?"

Tonight I heard of a great deal....

How about I pay off all your credit cards and then when you see zero balences you pay me half the amount in cash? Any takers? If it sounds to good to be true.....

Rat Ryan had already done it with one card....$1000. just went away. After he told me, I had him put a fraud watch on all the credit reporting agencies. Somehow this is a credit scam, but since you can't open new accounts under a fraud watch unless they call you first on a specific phone number, he should be somewhat protected.

Limos abound around here right now, since the stadium isn't far away. What a pain in the arse! I didn't get free tickets to any parties. Paris H. let me down as did Hugh Hefner, the Penthouse Pets, innumerable rock stars and Beyonce etc. I guess I'm too cheap to pay $2,500 for an invite.

Curiouoso* is too cheap for lots of stuff!


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