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2006-05-10 - 5:58 p.m.

It's finally over. At least some of this stress is. I have been feeling a little like a grenade that's going to go off.

First how to pay for the wedding. We decided to borrow some from Amy's current 401k. Then when the house sells we'll pay it back.

Second the whole house - agent - buyer thing. If we sell at this price it's great. Solves wedding, closer to work house. Also creates major stress on where to live June 1st, and what to do with all those relatives. We offered to get another appraisel, one where people actually come out and look at the house to compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges. The buyers, after agreeing to a price and terms, getting property reports and putting me thru bullshit hoops to close so fast, said they were cancelling the sale unless we agreed to sell the house to them for the new appraisel price, sight unseen. What the fuck??? We already agreed on a price dickweeds...And so if the appraisel comes back at $350,000 then we raise thier price 25,000 dollars? No they wouldn't accept that, only if the price was lower! So they cancelled the deal and I called the title company and demanded the $1000 deposit forfeited to us. My agent said he didn't want to, but I insisted saying that we got screwed on this so even if a court decides we can't keep it, It'll fuck up the x-buyers not to have it for a while, when they need it.

Yeah, I don't like being fucked with .....

I thought a contract was a contract....

Problem solved, we don't have to move and we have a place for the relatives.

Now, how to make $10,000 in the stock market by June 1st to pay for the wedding.... I made $1750 yesterday, only to go down 680 today. Got to do better than that. I only need to average $500.00 a day. So far this year I've earned roughly 2 and a half times what I make at work in the market. If I can only keep it up.

Curiouoso* dreaming of putting off living in a cardboard box, for another few months.


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