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2007-05-05 - 5:40 p.m.

Finally the BUSTED story.

All week I meant to update but I just couldn't find the time or inclination. Now that I have the time, I'm in a piss poor mood, Actually I feel like kicking some Ass so I'm just going to stay home and hope I get some telemarketers calling. God help the wrong person that knocks on my door! You are excited about God? Fuck with me and I'll help you meet him in person right now!

So, on Saturday afternoon Ryan and I went to San Diego to meet Anna's Cousin's daughter. She lived out here for awhile, but returned to S.D. to go back to her boyfriend. That was a screwed up relationship and while she's an O.K. person, she's a troubled young lady. She drinks too much regularly and takes some strong psychiatric medication at the same time. She's on disability from work and has broken up with the Asshole boyfriend.

When we got there she seemed straight, but was already drinking wine. Enough to drop and break the bottle when she went to pour me some. She and I went to the store to buy wine and snacks. I thought maybe 4 bottles (for 4 people) and she could keep one. She said we'd need at least 6, so I bought 6. We drank one with Ryan and a friend of hers from Columbia. The woman was really nice so I invited her out to dinner with us. We went to a Mexican restaurant in Old Town San Diego. We had 2 Margaritas each there. I bought both women roses from a guy and the meal was great.

When we got home she opened a couple more bottles and her friend left. She gave Ryan some Bud she had for a while that she wasn't going to smoke. He was going to give it to his nieghbor across the street. Anyway, K started to flip out after she took some of her medicine. She started yelling at Ryan that she didn't know how to play her DVD. Ryan wrote out simple instructions, but she ignored them and couldn't figure out the two remotes. This was her TV and DVD! Then she yelled at me that I was bothering her sexually! She stated she hadn't trusted me since she was 11 when I "molested her"! I pointed out I never met her when she was 11 and I'd never been alone with her ever before so what was this crap? She went in her room and started trying to climb out the window, but couldn't because the window had bars on it. (The front door was wide open also!) I said We were leaving because we couldn't stay somewhere where that sort of accusation was made. So Ryan and I left about 1:00AM, him driving because I had too many glasses of wine to drink.

We headed for home because it was too late to get a motel and I didn't want to spend the money. We headed across I-8 that parellels the border. I told Ryan to be carefull because they have roving immigration checkpoints all along I-8 at random locations. He drove a few hours then we stopped at a casino where I won and then lost $500.00. We stopped at a rest stop and rested an hour. I still didn't want to drive because while I felt O.K. I was concerned I might fail a blood test, and with my bad knee couldn't do crap like stand on one leg etc. in any condition. One of the after effects of a stroke is that closing your eyes and putting both hands out in front of you invariably causes the stroke side to drop somewhat and they won't be even and possibly not capable of touching your nose directly in the center. Thus I'm a good candidate to "fail" a drunk test even while absolutely sober.

We stopped at another rest stop for an hour or so and then I said I'd drive. Ryan pointed out we hadn't seen any checkpoints and we were close to Yuma where we turn north to Phoenix.

I drove for about 15 minutes, no problem, then suddenly there was a check point blocking the whole road. Almost every car was told to pull over for a secondary inspection.

When we pulled over they brought out a drug dog and he apparently signaled a dope smell. the officer came over and asked us if we wanted to say something. Ryan said he had a joint in the trunk. I was nervous, because while I had eaten a bunch of mints and was driving and acting fine I didn't want to be tested. We had to go over and sit on a bench in the hot sun (by then it was light) while they pulled over a bunch more cars. The next couple was told to walk past us and stand somewhere, and as they passed I heard them say, " I guess we're going to jail." The next guy stated he had a bong in the trunk and try as he might, the dog could only find that so they confiscated it and he left. Meanwhile they were asking us about a white van "we were traveling with" (?) and whose ID was it, that they had in their hand. I replied, "There's a shitload of white vans on the highway, but I'm not traveling with anyone else." On the ID, I replied," Fuck if I know who that is!" That apparently satisfied them as it was obvious I was msystified at those questions.

I should state right now that both officers I spoke with were professional and polite at all times and I have no complaints about them, even if they tried to tie us in to some immigration white van shit we knew nothing about. I guess if you get real paraniod about that, they figure you're guilty of something and it gets worse. Neither was rude or insulting to us though I've seen many an officer that thinks nothing of being a total dick, just because.

Anyway, after an hour or so they released us after lecturing Ryan about the Felony he just committed. (Felony??, you couldn't get a slap on the wrist for that amount, as it wasn't enought to roll a decent joint with, maybe smokeable in a bowl.)

I felt pretty relieved after that feeling I dodged a bullet and so did Ryan. I tried to take the blame for the stuff saying I knew he had it and let him bring it, but they weren't buying that.

To make a long story short I don't believe in this check point crap. In the hour we were there No illegal aliens were busted or even suggested though they did search a number of campers and semi-trucks. All they did was bust a whole bunch of people for minute amounts of personal stash and then let them go.....So what's the point? It's just fucking with people instead of actually trying to do immigration stuff. Does anyone really believe a semi full of illegal aliens or two tons of coke would blindly drive up the road waiting to get busted without sending a "pilot" car ahead with a radio to call back if the coast is clear or not?

I mentioned to a friend a few years ago, how strange it was that a fishing boat off the coast got busted coming into harbor with bales of Pot on the deck and the captain had never been in trouble. He said, "Right, and since the fishing season was bad and the captain needed money to pay off his boat, If some one paid him boucoup money to be obvious and tie up all the coast guard and cops, while an offshore frieghter was unloading a few tons of coke, wouldn't that make sense? He should know, but that was as much of the story as he would cop to.....


On a different subject.... I watched the Republican "Debate" the other night, and didn't see one candidate that I would consider voting for, except maybe Ron Paul, and they barely let him say anything, so I don't think he'll be the candidate. He was the only one to say the war is wrong and we were lied into it, all the rest merely saying they would handle it differently. Amazingly each candidate claimed to have a strong faith in God, and be religious, but they must never have read the bible where it says, "Thou shall not kill". They also proclaimed America to be a religious nation and that their faith had a big effect on their govermental actions. I guess they never read any of America's Founding Documents like the Constitution that makes clear a Separation of Church and State. All would deny a Women's right to choose, and while stating all religions are tolerated in America, Islam is apparently not included because of "Islamo Fascism" and "militant muslim mullahs". Now there's a load of crap surpassed only by one candidates pledge to "AMEND THE CONSTITUTION TO ALLOW FORIEGN BORN PEOPLE TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT", especially Swartzanazi, our Austrian Nazi by birth and inclination, and respecter of woman, the Governer of California. I guess our politicians are of the opinion that out of some 300 million plus, Native born Americans, not one is capable of being president so we need to look elsewhere! If our current "president" is any indication of the quality of Americans, maybe they are right!


As to my general poor mood yesterday, let me aviod all that and just mention to always remember to treat your significant other with respect, don't constantly correct them or give them "reminders" constantly like, (screams)"You're on the wrong side of the road!" "No I'm not, see that car in front of us, and look there's a sign that says Stay Left." "No I don't have my glasses on." "Then you aren't qualified to say anything! Would you please just shut up and let me drive?" That's the least of it, but I'm sure you recognize being both people and where attitudes go from there. Especially the "you aren't really going to drink a beer when you know you have to drive?!" when your friend hands you a beer as you arrive at the party. Of course none of you has ever embarassed your Sig. other by ordering them around in front of thier friends, right?


As I said, enough of that, maybe I should have followed that Hippie girl, Alice Bloom, off to the commune years ago, but then I wouldn't have 2 wonderfull children and a fundamentally great wife. Instead I'd probably be a Mendocino "Skunk" farmer home-schooling a half dozen rug rats and being a founding member of the Northern California Alternative National Grange Order of Patrons of Husbandry. One of those icons of California's largest Cash Crop, paying hard cold cash for everything and living "off the Grid" as much as possible. Wait a minute....What's wrong with that???? Maybe not an idylic life, Click here for more info,

Curiouoso* thinks He'll stay right where He's at. Curiouoso*


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