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2009-06-01 - 9:31 p.m.

I bought a new bike today on craigs list. It was only used on 3 short rides and was practically new. It's a BH G4. Click here to see it!

Last year this bike sold for over $6000.! This year's model, exactly the same is $7995.! It's pretty cool and so am I! It only weighs 15 lbs. just like me!

I need to be cool, especially after the dumb thing I did this morning! I parked my white Kia off to the left of the entrance to a store. I stuck my head in then realized that store wasn't the one I wanted. I turned around and went to my white car. Unfortunately my key wouldn't fit...I figured my lock tumbler was screwed up. I went around to the passenger side and I'll be damned if that one didn't work either! I realized suddenly (woke up) that wasn't my car. Embarrased, I turned around and there was my white car! I went over to it and stuck the key in, but it didn't fit there either! Duh...This time I walked out to the center of the lot for a fresh look, and lo and behold there was my white kia on the other side of the first car. Guess what? That lock fit my key exactly, so I guess it was my lucky day. Please don't identify that security photo of that wierd guy trying to open every white car in Avondale....I'm just too cool to be him!



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