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2005-05-25 - 9:25 p.m.

OK, the last one didn't fly so lets try this ......... I went to a baby shower the other day on 48th ave.

Phoenix and the surrounding environs is supposed to be an easy wise. streets are on the east side of central, avenues on the west. xx north on the north side, xx south on the south side, right? Easy?

Developers unfortunately aren't very creative with street names.

SO when I went to look for 48th ave, cross streets 59th and thunderbird, I knew something might be screwy. 48th should be by 47th and 46 th , 45th, etc.,

I looked and looked and called repeatedly for directions. After awhile the host realized it was 58th not 48th as on the directions. I had cruised up and down in that area to no avail. Figuring it was 58th, I looked and looked only to find 58th court, 58th lane, 58th thruway, 58th circle, rue de 58, 58th drive, 58th expressway, etc.

58th ave was a one half block street between 56th and 89th, go figure. it never crossed the main street Thunderbird as every other AVENUE did.
It turns out each of the foregoing exists in every iteration, 56th, 57th, etc. in this area.

Why not just stick to the avenues /streets formula like normal people? No one in HELL will have the slightest idea where rue de 58 is if you don't!

Mountain view, the street we live on is mirrored in scottsdale, phoenix, sun city, peoria, youngtown and every other valley city! Get a clue! There's lots of "mountains". But why 10 Mountain Views???? This has Fucked up myriads of travelers....Why not use some imagination? maybe Mountain Delight, Mountain Sunset, Mountain Overlook, Mountain Underlook, Who cares.... Just use your imagination!

OK, hispanic is in, whats wrong with calle de Mountain? or Calle de 48th?

Clue: Call me. Don't find me, I'll find you.

Curiouoso* reporting from Rue de Calle Mountain Overlook View En Los little dim light, Etc. ETC.

Grassy Ass, etc. Till next time. Please don't be mad my hispanic readers! I Love you just the same as always! Especially Lonely Latina! Straighten this white boys ass out if you are offended!


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