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2005-08-19 - 12:38 p.m.

Ok - You wonder what yesterday's was all about? So do I. It really irks me to hear a BS reason for being unfriendly or mad. Yeasterday the I don't want you near me after you drank "Hard Liquor" prompted my question, "What did I do?"

Her answer was the last time I was pregnant you treated me rough". Ryan is 21 years old so therefore I'm being bitched at for some supposed incident 22 years ago!

Besides I've never been purposely "rough" with my wife or any woman for that matter. (Does having sex on a rough rug leaving rug burns everywhere count?)

Amy has at least two (2) stock answers you can count on. 1). Any bad news or murders,car accidents,tornados or Bad Breath, "It's because I hate Phoenix" or a short "I hate Arizona".
2). Hard Liquor, the ole blame it all on answer.
If she's really on a roll it might be "Your friends drink too much HARD LIQUOR in ARIZONA. I hate PHOENIX!"

Of course Drugs are also a convenient curse as in "I think I smell something like Marajuana! Have you been drinking HARD LIQUOR and letting all Ryan's friends smoke POT in the house? I hate PHOENIX.

"Don't be getting rough with me and don't touch me!"

There you go NO Drugs, Sex and Rock and & Roll. "That musics up way too loud have you been drinking HARD LIQUOR again????"
Alls well today and we're going away to Northern Arizona for the weekend.

No more vices for Curiouoso*
I stole this line, "All my vices have turned into habits!" I think it sounds better like this: "All my vices have turned into Hobbits!" BAD little Hobbit!


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