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2005-11-15 - 8:21 p.m.

Curiouoso* had a good time last weekend but Sunday night was a great disappointment for Curiouoso*. Not the night, but Curiouoso* himself.

I'll preface this by saying that I have never been shy about helping people in need of physical or medical attention. I have been somewhat reluctant at times to be empathetic for those who drink or drug themselves into oblivian knowingly and willingly.

So we came back from visiting Amy's cousin and husband who just got out of the hospital for heart surgery and stomach problems which caused half of his stomach and a lot of colon to be removed. Quite touch and go stuff, but he is a bit better, so the visit went well. We had been out wine tasting alot and wine with dinner etc. We weren't blitzed, but that might not have been far off. Tired from all the driving and the late hour we pushed the call button for the elevator.

When the door opened a man was crawling towards the door to get out. He tried to get up but succeeded only by dragging himself up by the door edges.
We both thought he was exceedingly drunk as the hotel has a 2 hour free drink happy hour. He lurched toward me and said "help me". He was covered in profuse sweat and had a wild look in his eyes. Amy said, "you've been working out?" He staggered past toward the front desk just as the next elevator door opened and we went in.

She said something like "you'd think they would have cut him off by now", and I agreed. We went to bed and fell asleep.

About 3AM I awoke with the realization I fucked up big time. This guy was probably having a heart attack, and I didn't do anything!

That's a life defining moment.....when you realize you had someones life in your hand and were to callus to care.

From a simplistic religious perspective, Saint Peter just gave you a big black mark in his book, or alternatively, your account in the askashic (?) records just went into the red with that entry.

One hopes when you get there, Saint Peter says something on the order of, "Mr. Curiouoso*, 89% a B-, you could of lived life a bit better but OK, take a left at the street paved with gold and you're there.

Let's hope that life isn't a series of pass/fail choices with failure going straight to hell, do not collect $200., do not recieve more choices.

I can see it now, an exemplary life, a series of pass, pass, pass, then one wrong choice and FAIL! Step right up Mr Curiouoso*, spin the wheel to see which circle of Hell is your new eternal home.

Personally I like second chances, redemption in the form of purgatory. You're greeted with the admonition "Keep your nose clean, study hard, and only a few millenia will pass before you can join the angels upstairs." I think I'll sign up for the weekend seminar series,
particularly Spend a fascinating night with Judas Iscariot and his lecture "Investing your 30 pieces of silver for the highest spiritual return" and A weekend with Mary Magdeline discussing "How to change your life by idolizing men after sawing logs is no longer an option."

Actually I've heard those 30 pieces of silver with interest, bought enough indulgences in the middle ages to keep Satan himself out of the lake of eternal fire!

Now Ye've done it, me boy, Tis hell fur sure after that one.

Curiouoso* is out buying up options on icewater, just in case.


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