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2010-03-20 - 9:55 p.m.

I always wonder what happened to all my "friends" when they quit updating thir diarys.

Will I be like that?
Will pepople wonder if I died or just said to hell with it to my friends?

Yes I'm still alive but perhaps shouldn't be after last night's party.

It was our annual St. Patricks day party, held on Saturday because the actaul day being on wednesday. I bought $80.00 worth of beer, and the Rat bought about the same not realizing I had.

Strangely, everyone drank wine mostly so we are beer rich for awhile it seems.

The Rat's Peruvian girl friend flew home Saturday morning so he is broken hearted already. She is too, having called from L.A. airport, Houston, Bogota, and finally Lima.

He is going there at the end of next month. Who knows after that?

I'm still working, but some how hurt my back. I feel a wreck half the time these days, but just keep trying to fix things one at a time.

I went to see an attorney for a free half hour consultation.

She briefly asked me some questions then stated that only by starting the case could she tell me how it would progress she mentioned some numbers that would have to be applied to our case that needed to be figured out.

I asked what the average numbers were in a case like ours, but she didn't know. I asked what the mean income was for this area was statisticaly to give myself a general idea, but she claimed not to know. I asked her, "Don't you do this every day?, What numbers do you usually use?

The fee would be $4000. with any need extras to be added on at $350 an hour.

I asked what extras we might have but she only said every case is different. I couldn't get any commitment or statement from her how many extra hours was usual or the min/max we could expect.

I think she must have majored in ripping off clients in law school. She certainly did not attend any charm school!

I always joke that the next time I'll need a lawyer I'm going to get a woman lawyer because since I know I going to get Fucked anyway, I might as well enjoy it. In this case she was so cold and without any human qualities I wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole!

Amy didn't like her either.

Enough for now, I need to decide if I'm going to keep this up or not. once in blue moon updates don't make it.


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