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2005-12-31 - 11:37 a.m.

Let's start with last years resolutions:

1. Understand what people are saying better. Example: my last note, "Dude! You alive? I am not obsessed or anything." What does this mean? Have I transgressed something somewhere? Actually, I am obsessed with "Homeowners" Assn. rules never having dealt with them prior to this house. Speaking of which,
2. Why would it matter what things like the above mean anyway? So, this resolution is “Don’t be so sensitive about things.”

Don't know how these worked out....

Now on to real resolutions…
3. Get a new lower range of weight. My high was in August 2003 @ 270lbs. the low May 7, 2004 @ 239lbs. mostly in the 240 – 250 range all year. At 6’1’’ this is not a real bad thing, but for health and personal satisfaction, 225 would be a good goal, and 210 the elusive slim possibility. To get there then…

2005's range was Jan. 1,2005 - 256 lbs. Dec. 31, 2005 - 246 lbs. with the usual weight during the year in the low 240's. So that's an improvement, Yes?

4. Try exercising once in a while! It’s pretty obvious I need to be a little more flexible and regain some strength and dexterity.

I walk alot at work, but not too much exercise elsewhere. Needs improvement.

5. How bout finances?? Let’s try to have a stellar year, like 2000 or 2001. I’m a little tired of using resources up instead of creating new ones. In line with this goal, I need your help. Please send me great mental wishes for getting a really good job this time (and soon). I got one real quick the last time I asked for your good thoughts! Thank you all.

I worked most of the year. Much improved finanes!

6. Quit complaining about those minor disabilities or inconveniences really, caused by that stroke 2 years ago, and do something about them…. Spend some time learning to type or keyboard and retrain that left hand to hit the right keys. If I were one of my readers I might think the writer was pretty ignorant with the grammatical errors and crappy spelling. Exercise that brain with some formal education again instead of just accepting that I don’t retain technical information as well…In Short…

I actually tried to learn to touch type last year. Gave it up and now only use 1 finger.....Still far too many errors...Yeah I still feel stupid with all the spelling errors.

7. Don’t be so lazy! Use that extra time to improve yourself!

Still lazy after all these years!

Now, by the month:

January Same old - Same old: "We went looking for new houses closer to the center of Phoenix today,..." We went looking again a number of times in December.

"Today was a very busy day. I dropped off 1 car and 1 motorcycle at repair shops,...." Today I have 1 motorcycle in the repair shop, and 1 car that needs to go to have it's brakes checked out!

" Then Saturday morning I went with the Significant Other to give blood. Most of you probably have been exposed to the Blood Bank Begging calls, "Our Blood van will be in your area on Saturday and we need donors, so won't you please come out and donate all your precious bodiliy fluids (and maybe your left nut if needed) to save lives, It's your civic duty!" OK, occasonally I give up my morning, 2 hours to wait in line, (patience is a virtue Mr. Curiouoso*) to be prodded and poked, questioned intensely and finally vampired out of a pint or so of red stuff. As you recall the questions go something like this: 1. Have you ever had sexual contact with any person, male or female, living or dead, that even once had an impure thought about the Virgin Mary, or any other Saint? 2. Have you ever had erotic thoughts or dreams about cows, dogs, chickens or any other creature that may have been infected with mad cow disease, rabies or the Asian Flu virus? 3.Have you ever traded money, drugs or Elvis's toenail clippings for sex, in the past 10 years? (I answered "I give my whole paycheck to my wife every 2 weeks, and we occasonally have sex, does that count?") I offered the suggestion they ask all the questions once, then from then on give you a form that states, I answered all that crap last time and nothing changed, so stick me now or forever hold your peace. Needless to say that didn't fly.

I passed the iron test, where my blood sank like a rock in test fluid, the blood pressure test, still pumping, but failed the "Were you aware that your pulse seems kinda erratic test? I answered No, but I'm perfectly healthy and have been stress tested, poked, prodded and cholesterol tested intensely for 4 years, so no problem. Well, it was a problem for them, and they said I needed a doctor to tell me I'm healthy, so I nicely asked them to stick it where the sun doesn't shine and don't ever call me and beg again! All I wanted was to be civic minded, but no more crappola just to donate."

I tried to donate yesterday at work with same result...Your heartbeat is very erratic. You need to check this out. "Fuck you very much, buddy, I'm still here arent I? Tell that to the guy who dies for lack of my blood!"

Yes January has repeated itself in December.

In July I ranted about Privacy, HERE,

and HERE.

""I'm a little disappointed in the reaction from my recycling rant a few days ago. No one seemed to care, like,"there goes Tom on a meaningless tear again." It's the privacy concept people, the PRIVACY CONCEPT. I was born in the west, something that perhaps helped give me my privacy and "none of you're Damn business attitude." Remember the myth of the cowboy, rancher, miner, etc., whose word was his bond? He didn't need a contract for everything, probably said, "what's my name?, who's askin stranger?", more than neccessary, amd that's the way I often feel.

We are losing our freedom to do what we want, when we want, without people constantly asking for I.D. I bought a bottle of wine in the grocery yesterday, and a 19 yr old cashier said, "What's your birthday?"
I replied, "Why? I'm definately old enough to buy this."

"They want me to put the birthday in the register."

"You don't need it,"I replied.

"Then what should I put in there?"

"Put your birthday, or just put 1979 in there. 1/1/1979."

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to insult you," She replied.

"You didn't", I stated, "I'm just sick and tired of all the personal info I'm constantly asked for,"I explained.

Help me out! Refuse bullshit questions! Next time say, "You don't need to know!" Be firm but polite. Let's change thier demands to know everything.""

I always refuse to show my I.D. at the video store, and the manager knows me now. My last confrontation with a new employee went like this:

"May I see your Drivers License?"


"I need to see your drivers license"

"Why? I'm not driving!"

"It's for your own protection."

"Let me see your drivers license!"


"It's for your own protection, after all I don't know who you are!"

"I'm not showing you my drivers license, I work here!"

"OK, Enough said. I gave you my account number so rent me the Damn movie or call the manager!"

Tomorrow, 2006 Resolutions,(not 2,006 different resolutions! just 2006's resolutions!) or the past revisited again.

Curiouoso* asking you to be carefull tonight...You are all very special to me!


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