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2005-09-23 - 9:31 p.m.

Weeks recap:

On monday I finally got my work ID badge. The picture came out really good. Better than most pictures I've taken lately. I might scan it later and post it.

Tuesday I wieghed myself to find that I was approahing my lowest weight of last year. Great news. Amy says I look thinner, Right! And bears don't shit in the woods. Still, when I looked in the mirror Wednesday, I couldn't believe how handsome the person staring back was! Damn, it's all I could do not strut around all day at work!

Friday brought a big smile from some woman at lunch. I had just said to my co-worker," I bet you like skinny blondes trying to look like movie stars, right"? He turned and saw who I was referring to, when this attractive well built woman walked past and looked me straight in the eye and smiled ever so broadly. He turned back just in time to catch that and looked at me like what's with that?

A moment later I said, "Go ahead and chase your skinny blonde! I'd be off with that friendly woman while you'd still be smarting from being shut down!" It never hurts to get a reputation as "good with women" even if you disclaim any real interest in anything else.

Amy and her cousin fly off to Ireland Tuesday. Unfortunately thier first stop is supposed to be far the flight hasn't been cancelled, with all the interliocking plans for this vacation, I hope it doesn't get fucked up. Imagine, all the potential real tragedy in this hurricane and we're worried about vacation plans!

I'm getting 44 miles per gallon on the motorcycle, an amazing amount for such a big bike. I figure if I had to take the car to work I'd be spending twice the money, $14.00 a day, that I spend right now ($7.00). $35.00 a week equals $140. a month, almost exactly what the motorcycle payment is. I'm not hearing any more complaints about owning it right now.

A non-cofidential reply to Time-to -squares nice note to me: Dick-tation, sure if you are volunteering you'd be the first I'll call when the time COMES. It's OK, I can't have Amy do it, cause for one she'd Break my lap, and two, all I'd hear is bitching and moaning,"Why do I have to do this? You can just take care of it yourself!" Besides I'm sure I read in some medieval medical tome that sex with a virgin, or at least a young woman, cures all ills. OK, maybe not cures, but certainly would make me feel better and quicker that aspirin!

Some things aren't necessarily the same after 25 years. (Yep, 25 on October 1st.)I can almost see it now,"Hey baby, lets take a shower together!"

"Do we have to? We did that LAST YEAR!"

Just kidding. But seriously, that nurse up on 2B was really friendly this afternoon!

Uh, oh, Curiouoso* needs to go take a cold shower!


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