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2004-12-09 - 7:55 p.m.

In my last rant I forgot to include 1 reason for my diary that has turned out to be a major part of my online voice. The political rant! Do I hear moans of "Not again, Tom!"? So Let's devote some of today's missive to politics. I was trying to avoid it lately, after the quote,"election," but I actually believe some of the most loyal readers are politically oriented. If not vocal, then the "silent majority" agrees with me!

First up:

WASHINGTON, Dec. 2 - Calling the current system of Social Security benefits unsustainable, a top economic adviser to President Bush on Thursday strongly implied that any overhaul of the system would have to include major cuts in guaranteed benefits for future retirees.

"Let me state clearly that there are no free lunches here," said N. Gregory Mankiw, chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, at a conference on tax policy here.

No Free lunches? Asshole! I paid for that fucking Social Security my whole life. That must be a "Bush Free Lunch".....I pay and YOU steal it from me, Ya Bastard!

Sounds like an Ex-Boss, I get one over on you, I'm a great and clever businessman, You get one over on me and you're a thief and a Cad!

Second one:

IBM Dumps Pension Plan; New Workers On Their Own with 401(k)s

NEW YORK -- Starting next year, International Business Machines Corp. will exclude new workers from its contested cash-balance pension plan and offer them only a 401(k) savings plan.......IBM's new approach, which many companies have adopted, will allow IBM to continue to provide a competitive retirement benefit to new hires in an uncertain pension regulatory climate," said Kendra R. Collins, a company spokeswoman. Collins said that employees eligible for the new 401 (k) won't have other company-sponsored retirement plans.

Right. 401K plans are better for the worker than retirement plans...Lets just think about how "a competitive retirement benefit" will be better.... My wife recieved 75,000 dollars after 12 years in her company retirement plan, her 401K was 25,000 dollars most of which she put in. Investing that total amount in mutual funds, Conservative not high flying risky ones, has left her with $40,000 total in 7 years. Had she not left that company, the retirement alone would be worth 150K or better.... OK, We are crappy investors....What percentage of people will do better and how many worse? How many have the ability to put in 6% to 10% of thier wages consistantly to even get a 401K decently started? Now Shrub Jr. wants social security invested in stocks for us. Just more fodder for the Stock exchange sharks to steal.

Number Three in honor of Rumblelizard: Http://

"Donald Rumsfeld is a chancre on the asshole of a plague-infested rat." I couldn't have said it better myself. Referring to the same story, I think it's a crock of fecal matter what Rummybrain said when asked about the armour on the vehicals in Iraq, "As you know, you go to war with the Army you have. They're not the Army you might want or wish to have at a later time."

Right... Next time before you start a war think! Think, get prepared first! Of course Rummybrain is just following the same logic as running Shrubboy for president. I.E., Get the Moron elected and maybe the brains will Develope!


Now a personal thank you, to Lovelylatina (lonelylatina she claims), Timetosquare,six weasels and the rest who have sent notes...Thank you again. And to a mystery person referred from "bookmarks",
from "" Thanks for reading yesterday. You must be (and I hope) my long time-no see secret swedish lover. If not there's always hope ;) If so, come see us again soon! It's been 4 years!

I made a Chilli Rellano cassarole for dinner. It was good and I'm feeling "hot", peppers'll do that to you, try them for a libido booster!

I've got to go, Midnite the minority dog is demanding attention, and at his advanced age (98 in dog years) it's best to cater to his every whim.

Catering to you too, Curiouoso*


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