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2005-05-09 - 5:05 p.m.

I come to you severely chastised again! This time self flagellating!

I decided to do all interviews right? Well I had one a week ago that was cancelled. Then Thursday it was suddenly back on. I said "lets do it", and the agency called Friday afternoon and said I should have it locked up as the days interviews had not gone well for the other candidates.

Then an hour later, another previous employer called and said he had a 6 month contract for me, no interview neccessary and it was $200. a week more. How could I call back the other agency and tell them "No" at a point a half hour prior to the interview? Plus this guy was really working for me this time.

I decided to go anyway and if I didn't get the position everything would work out, Right? (Bad judgement!) I went to the interview a bit over dressed and it seemed to go real well....a bit to well, so I thought I'd back off a bit.
Then I got this bad feeling about how really few interviews I've had in the last three years and why would I want to purposely blow one? So I started to really work at it, only to see the interviewer seem to take a step back, which got me competitively trying for the job! Suddenly it was over and he bid me goodbye, sort of the bums rush.
As I was driving home I felt like a real dummy and figured it was definately gone.

Today the other guy called and said it was now a 3 month contract in July... Later the first recruiter called me back and said there was still a chance! This after I committed to the July one!

Curiouoso* needs his head examined! I'm still back in the "Do I want this job" mode. I think I miss Amy.. The house is trashed, I'm not, and I'm gaining all my weight back.....

Know any good phrenologists? Maybe I just need a good voodoo doctor.

Stress.. the best thing since sliced bread...for shrinks!


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