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2005-06-08 - 2:10 p.m.

This one goes with the last one. Read them both.... Thanks, Curiouoso*

Here's my letter to the editor, AZ Republic, all the Maricopa county supervisors, and our Asshole Sheriff.

I understand a law went into effect this January requiring businesses such as pawn shops, etc to keep identification on sellers of property. That is understandable as this might make it easier to track theft and resale of stolen property.

However, the way this is being applied leads one to question the intelligence of some government agencies. I say this due to my experiences today, 6/8/2005.

This law is being applied to recyclers of aluminum and plastic. The copy of the regulations I was shown, says recipients of cash disbursements of $25.00 or more need to show official identification. As I went to collect my $2.97 from household aluminum cans and plastic, the clerk went out and took my auto license number. Then the person writing my invoice and paying, asked to see my drivers license as well as asking me if I’d recycled there before. When I answered yes, she informed me they didn’t have a copy of my license on file. A copy of my drivers license on file? For $2.97???

I asked why and was shown the regulation which stated for amounts over $25.00 an I.D. number was needed. When I pointed that out she said the Sheriff’s department comes by and demands copies of the identification, and for any amount.

What is our city coming to? I have always given my address and name and shown I.D., but in a state that has a bad problem with Identity theft, I’m supposed to leave a copy of my license on file, for $2.97? What privacy policy can I be assured of??

I think these regulations need a revisit. They need to be a bit more specific as to what sort of business needs to be covered. I also think someone at the Sheriff’s office needs to “get a clue” as well.

I refused this intrusion of my privacy and made them reweigh out my garbage. I’ve been recycling for over 15 years, and I’ll be damned if I’ll give out this kind of personal information for trying to help the environment.

The mess, smell and inconvenience of recycling is trying enough without senseless bureaucracy endangering my credit and losing another vestige of privacy.

Mountain View Drive
Avondale AZ. 85323

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