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2009-04-27 - 8:48 p.m.

Hello there everyone....Contrary to the rumours undoubtably going around I am not inebriated or otherwise not in control of my faculties. Lets rephrase that....there are no unatural substances ay work here....I.E. I might cop to losing various types of control due to laughter today.

Skip this part if canine lust offends you!

The Rat and I decided to pimp out the dog, but Harly is a dog clue apparently, and no one around here has a clue how to help him. I know that seems unlikely since Princess Rosie doesn't seem to be interested or is just playing hard to get, and I'm sure like me, some of the other guys are always trying to get a little and the ladies seem to play "hard to get" (We know they are interested, just playing hard to get!) so you think we'd have some advice for Harley.

I wispered in his ear " kiss her nice, then blow in her ear!", so he slobbered all over her and breathed pretty hard in her face and didn't get anywhere.

I even called a couple down to earth ladies for advice but none was forth coming....they pretty much said if Princess Rosie doen't want any more puppies "females have the right to say no!" I don't know where that concept came from, sounds kind of French to me. Totally unamerican in fact!

I did formulate a new "must know" rule.
#1. We all know not to drop the soap in the shower when incarcerated.
Corralary A. Don't drop the jelly beans everywhere and bed over to pick them up when there's a big big Horney Harly dog behind you! Don't ask and I'm not telling how that one got figured out!

Harly's owner said just leave them together for a few days till they get to know each other then they'll do the dirty deed, but I'm thinking I don't want the two of them in my bed tonight!

Continue here if you avoided being incensed...

I visited Tombstone this weekend with Drunk-Ass Pablo and we had a great time! Miss Tombstone Rosie was very hospitable and we had a great time. We tried Bisbee, Douglas, Naco Mexico, at least 5 bars 5 times each, Drunk Ass was questioned by La Migra twice in one night, but claimed he just yelled "Do I look Hispanic to you" and stumbled away. I guess it would have been a little more obvious if he wasn't weaving while walking away from the border at 2AM in the middle of highway 80.

oh well...By the morning all was copecetic. We actually stayed an extra day because the company was so great!

Rosie gave us a good time in Her Madam costume....Come on people....Not that kind of a good time!

Harly just ran in and reported he was still a virgen, it's no wonder, he has humped the couch, Drunk-Ass Pablo's leg twice, and I saw him out the window lined up on the wrong end... Trying to get a blow job????

Anybody want to buy a pure bred puppy or two should this ever happen?

Curiouoso* will be reporting on more mischief we got into this weekend with damning pictures for proof!


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