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2006-09-04 - 12:19 a.m.

What a weekend!

El Arturo came into town tonight and of course there was partying like 1999 going on.

Actually he was picking up a car from his mother in Houston and then went on to Carlsbad Caverns, after which he intended to drive straight through to see us and his daughter in Phoenix. I convinced him to stay the night, Saturday, in Benson, AZ where we would meet him and go wine tasting in Elgin ,AZ on Sunday. Arriving in Benson, Amy and I realized Tombstone, AZ was only 23 miles away, so Arturo, Amy and I went there to party the night away.

I looked for Wild West Rosey, but since I didn't know her real name or where she worked, that was unsuccessful. Some how I thought she worked at the Crystal Saloon, but the bartendress, foxy in her own right, said she didn't know. It was Gunfighter days or somesuch, and at least half the people were in costume. We started at Big Nose Kates, having a few tequilla sunrises and listening to a good local band. Then we moved on to the Crystal Palace and had more tequilla and some long island ice teas. Another good band was doing lots of Jimmy Buffet stuff and was quite adept. Feeling frisky, we moved on to another saloon and theater where they were doing karioke. Actually all the singers, while we were there, were really good. Arturo got shut down in less than 60 seconds by some woman at the bar who pronounced him "scary". It took a bit, but I finally realized who she reminded me of. My X-next door nieghbor, over-weight, not attractive and the mouth that tamed the west! Just a younger version of her. Thank God she shut him down so fast, We'd of have had to shoot him in the morning! Then, a nice but odd fellow was serving us there who reminded me of the hillbilly's in "Deliverance" that tried to bugger "Bobby Trippe", Ned Beatty, in the woods. Or maybe he was the Mutant Banjo players twin brother.... at least he served us 4 shots of Herradura Reposado tequilla and a few beers without error. Amy decided to drive back since she hadn't participated the ritual male bonding shot shit, so we made it back ok, whereupon we did another full bottle of New Mexico Merlot and another half bottle of fine tequilla. In the morning we all got up bright and early at 10:30 and had breakfast at the Horseshoe Cafe. This is an excellant old time cowboy dive, I mean Cafe, that had a great breakfast and great waitresses in Benson. I managed to insult this pretty, young, but built like a brick shithouse, (Why do they call that built like a brick shithouse, anyway? What about an adobe shithouse or a lil Abner 2 holer?) waitress by asking what her tattoo on the small of her back was. She replied, "I really shouldn't show that", but of course pulled up her shirt and down her pants (a bit) to reveal a butterfly. God I love tattoos! Amy of course was fit to be tied, and I actually considered tying her up, for a minute, till I considered what roping a wild steer means, then I became quite contrite and just ate breakfast. We finally did go on our wine tasting tour, 4 winerys and $300.00 worth of liquid refreshment to go, later, finished and struck out for home. Amy and I stopped at Wild Horse Casino and Feeling lucky, I managed to bring home $375.00 bucks off a nickle machine which paid for our weekend. (Not so for Arturo who bought most of the wine) Tonight we snacked on Shrimp and Guacamole with a 2002 BV Tapestry, $46.00, a Geyser Peak Reserve Alexander Meritage 2002 -- Rated 92! $42.00, and a Fat Bastard Australian Merlot, 7.99 @ Costco, that really finished this day off right! I really can't tell you how much I appreciate all my readers, like "wasted 130", my newest, who "smokes drinks and fucks, (her words not mine) and who I amuse! I love Flip girls, indeed all women, especially Nici, SIX, & her whole gang, Crazy, those young college girls, Ms. square and Ms. Philosopher, and Amy of couse as well as my new real life possiblity Ms. ASB. (Not to worry, she has no clue of this diary and no-one knows who Ms. ASB stands for) so Nici, make your move quick, Strike while the iron's hot! ( It'll always be HOT for you anyway!) It's such a stroke when someone nearly 20 years younger than you is responding in such a positive, loving, (read available here) manner! Of course it's a real stroke when someone(anyone) responds at all! Birds with broken wings bring out my better self, and somehow are quite a turn-on even though when wings are mended they often fly away..... So that's life and meant to be that way. Oh-oh, I'm turning maudlin and I still have 1/3 of the Geyser Peak left. I can't let $13.00 and lots of pleasurable taste go to waste! Self to Curiouoso* "drink up and quit writing now while your ahead!" A toast to all of you dear readers, May we repose in each others arms some day, some to pleasure and others just to thank for being real. E-nymph, I wait for the day when memories dim and reality sets in, for making new beginnings. Bye now! P.S. remind me to tell you about the 20 something bartendress, just off work,who so wanted to party with us old guys, and Amy wouldn't let her!


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