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2006-02-07 - 6:03 p.m.

The party went well. It was fun. No one went overboard because of Monday morning staring us in the face.

My motorcycle is coming along quite nicely. I've lowered it 4 inches in the back, cut 6 inches off the fender, relocated the rear stop/taillight to the left side with the license plate, put tiny but bright blinkers on the back, and changed the exhaust pipe to a 2 into one that gives more power and more noise. People actually notice it now.

Work was pretty horrendous last week. After a spotless 4 months, I got 2 complaints! Both women with thier head up thier ass! All my coworkers defended my work (and me) so it worked out OK. I was also a bit disappointed in another person at the clinc that I thought was a pretty nice person, but appears to have somewhat violated my trust. Perhaps I was a bit sensitve last week.

I take a medicine on a very regular schedule, and if I somehow miss a day or two, it really fucks with my attitude. I am very aware of this and carefull, but somehow ran out on a saturday night. Missed 4 doses, so by Monday I was exceedingly polite to everyone. Of course that's when that client complained. Luckily I didn't even know until I was away from her desk for hours.

I finally got a refill and thought medicine woes were over for this month, but the diet medicine I've been taking for 5 months ran out Tuesday. I thought my appt. was thursday, but it was Weds. so I went for a week without it. Not a major problem, but since it is a sort of speed, I was dragging and dragging all week. I did lose 7 pounds though.

Now that I've thoughly bored everyone, I'm going to go finish more of the left over beer from the party. Curiouoso* belches bye.....


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