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2006-11-28 - 7:36 p.m.

Right now I qualify as a two fisted drinker. An Octoberfest Marzen in one hand and Petes Strawberry blonde in the other.

Two puppies should be glad they are cooped up in thier cage instead of out here where I just might toss them out the front door and hope they get lost. I stepped in a gigantic pile of shit that got on my pants and bare feet yesterday. If M1dnite wasn't so old I'd have kicked his fat ass all the way down the block. Bo has been sick and not eating for 2 days. His sister Anya has been picking on him all day. Then one of them shit on the rug by my office, Bo puked up all kinds of crap in three places, M1dnite keeps eating thier food and barking at them constantly, I slipped on the tile in a huge puddle of yellow stuff, plus I caught them piddling in 2 other places. All in one hour!

I had a hard day at work and I'm tired. Fuck it. I'm going to go postal any minute.....If Amy gets home from the weight loss class and gives me any shit whatsoever I'm getting in the car and going to a motel for the night.

And how was your day?

I'm off to drink beer and pop valiums till I pass out for a good nights sleep.

Curiouoso* saying Adios


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