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2006-08-23 - 8:58 p.m.

Ok, I've got a confession to make....One that I'm frankly deeply aashamed of.

No, It doesn't have anything to do Polly Klass or Jon Benet, but it is shocking to me that I even considered this....

I'm actually thinking that I would like to stump for a Republican candidate in Arizona. (Phew, I got that off my chest!)

Why? Because we elect all these candidates to various offices, Statewide and National, only to be disappointed later that they are crooks and liars. Thieves and scam artists sucking on the tit of the public's tax money, once in, never again working for an honest dollar, if ever any of them did!

So why not elect someone like Daniel Coleman, running" for one of two House seats in District 16 in south Phoenix," a candidate that we know about, credibility and character based on prior actions?

Matthew Benson, writing in The Arizona Republic, Aug. 19, 2006 12:00 AM, as posted on the web, reveals the story of some of Candidate Coleman's misadventures. Here

Lets elect someone with no surprises or pretensions about character in his background. If he turns out to be the usual crook and thief we elect, it won't be any surprise, considering his alleged Murder case and alleged DUI in 1997.

The article states "Daniel Coleman, now 35, was indicted by a grand jury on one count of first-degree murder after he shot 35-year-old Annette Chalker in the face in 2003. But the case never went to trial. Two former prosecutors who worked on it said that evidence of a murder was lacking and that a conviction appeared unlikely.

To this day, Coleman calls the shooting a tragic accident. Whatever their suspicions, prosecutors couldn't prove otherwise.

Coleman did settle a civil lawsuit for wrongful death that was filed by Chalker's family, although the award wasn't publicly disclosed, under details of the agreement.

He has had other legal scrapes, as well. Court records show that in 1997, he was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence, or DUI, and later was convicted.

Now, Coleman is a Republican candidate for one of two House seats in District 16 in south Phoenix. He is running in the Sept. 12 primary and would face stiff competition in the Nov. 7 general election. The district is predominantly Democratic."

So join me in voting for an alledged murderer and drunk, for polital office,so we aren't surprised by any percieved poor judgement or down right dishonesty he may demonstrate with our present politicians.

After all he states, " "Basically, I don't feel like I did anything wrong," Coleman said of the shooting when contacted by The Arizona Republic. "It was an accident. It was a tragedy. I don't understand necessarily why any of this is coming up." and "Coleman questions what relevance his past, including the shooting and DUI, has on his run for office. He said that he no longer drinks and that "most of my friends who encouraged me to run knew about what happened in Cochise County."

That extends to GOP leaders in District 16, Coleman said."

OK, a Republican "Family Values" guy, who shows his true colors. Just don't question him at night in a dark alley.
After all his stepfather was a renowned Wyatt Earp scholar and author, and maybe Earp's gunplay method of settling disagreements rubbed off Daniel Nathan Coleman.
("In March, 1882 Morgan Earp was gunned down by unknown assassins. Wyatt, along with his brother Warren and some friends, embarked on a vendetta during which all four suspects were eventually killed." among other famous killings, Here

"Your Candidate Slimeball Watcher,"


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