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2007-07-20 - 7:54 a.m.

You know when you're driving down the road and a dark shadow quickly passes over the car and you say to yourself, Wow, that was either a small cloud on Meth or an airplane passing overhead.

When you look up there aren't any clouds, so you rejoice that you saw an airplane shadow, and that's rare, so it's gotta be good luck. Then you realize it probably counteracts the crack you stepped on that broke your mothers back, and you hope it's not too late cause nobody wants to break thier mothers back!

So you call mom and there's no answer....

Hey, that's what normal people I do. And I'm normal perfect, right?

So anyway, my job is right under the airport flight path, every 90 seconds airplanes come right over, shadows and all. I go stand out there for 15 minutes and soak up all that good luck from those unusual shadows. Sometimes afterwards, I go look for ladders to walk under cause I'm like Superluck guy then.

Curiouoso wonders why he hasn't won the lottery yet????


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