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2006-05-16 - 6:01 p.m.

I'm working at the Hospital this week instead of the clinic. At the clinic, IT is the red-headed stepchild of the organization. We are kept at arms length across the parking lot in a portable building that used to hold....Rats. Yep, full of caged rats! They try to make us feel better about it by calling them "Million Dollar" rats. Specially bred to be used for experiments. You know sort of like IT people.

At least at the hospital they let us stay in the same building! Even if its the dark, dingy basement storage area, with no bathrooms or running water.(No caged rats here either, ours are free as birds!) No problem, you just run like hell up the stairs to one of the 2 available toliets and hope no one else on the whole first floor has the same urge at the same time!

If you run all the way to the front of the first floor and you may find another 2 free toliets or not.

Today I had an emergency call in the operating room. It wasn't as bad as I thought it might be. You really couldn't see much of the patient, except her head, cause the rest was surrounded by doctors. Of course there are big screen monitors everywhere, but that's sort of like looking at the Discovery channel....except the clear tube of blood running past your feet into a jar that just got suctioned out of the patient. It was hard to resist asking questions, it was a teaching operation, with the head surgeon saying, "This whole mass is the tumour and has to come out. There's the liver and attached here you see the spleen..."

"But doctor, What's that purple thing-a-ma-jigger over there?"

"And you are?"

"Future Doctor Curiouoso*, and I am curious if the spleen bone really connects to the rib bone...."

"Security to OR-19, purple alert!"

"Unhand that Bunny suit, you!"


Aren't we glad that patient was out like a light! Speaking of out like a light, There's a whole bunch of Nutcase pundits and radical christians out there, way out there!

They want to boycott The New movie "The DaVinci Code". Yep it's an offense to Christianity, Almost everything in the book is untrue or exagerated. Wait, Duh, I thought that FICTION meant NOT TRUE??? Did I miss something here? Aren't you the same Dicks that were saying those Muslims are way too sensitive and F**k em if they can't take a cartoon?!

Curiouoso* is offended by your offense! Get a life, and boycott something important! Like killing people all over the world might qualify as IMPORTANT!


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