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2005-08-08 - 7:12 a.m.

The weekend brought visitors (remember Arturo & Treela?).

The house was the scene of the last big party. "The last?", you inquire. Yep, the last, at least until the next one!

It was relatively successful; no hangovers, no totally wasted arguements or histronics, but lots of fun times.

Amy's cousin joined us Saturday and had to be restrained from driving home by confiscating the car keys. I knew Amy would give in sooner or later and return them, so I got them and hid them somewhere else. That worked and they mysteriously appeared on her pillow at 5:00 in the morning. She left in a good mood according to the note she left.

In a way you feel like a Nazi grabbing the keys, but it's only because you care, and most will appreciate it later.
I know the signs of people getting ready to jet cause they know you aren't happy about them driving home, cause I've been there done that in the past many times.

Mel's engagement Party. Amy, Joel, Eurogirl party.

Me & MelanieAdrianne, Arturo & Treela.


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