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2005-08-03 - 6:21 p.m.

The last couple days have been strange; so strange, I think perhaps my impressive astrological chart has been messed up by some astronomical event like one of the pleiades stars exploding and throwing a monkey wrench into cosmic astrology. Of course we won't find out for roughly 440 years, so I'm not holding my breath for answers. At any rate that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

I went to take a sample of pool water and hot tub water down to be analyzed at the pool store. I thought I had things right but wanted to make sure. I used a Snapple bottle for the pool and an Aquafina bottle for the hot tub water. It looked so clear it was indistinguishable from the real thing!

I left the bottles in the drink holder in the unlocked car when I went in to a store for an errand. When I came out I saw a street person (Read Asshole here)
walking in the parking lot drinking Aqafina water.

When I arrived at the pool store I realized the one bottle was gone! Then it hit me why that street person was walking away quickly from my car. I had just treated the hot tub with major acid and Bromide. Oh well, what comes around goes around. I only wish I had peed in the hot tub the last time I was in it!

After that I went to the store for avocados and steak. I went to produce and saw some small but decent looking avocados. A sign above them said AVOCADO .99, I thought great! Then I saw small letters, "guacomole mix" under the AVOCADO .99 . Foiled again!

I looked at the actual avocados and saw a sticker that said "RIPE" in big bold red print. Of course they were rock hard, and the small print in light grey, said "when soft".

I'm not one to give up so I headed for the frozen food section where one can often find frozen mashed avocado at a decent price, figuring it'd do.

There wasn't any, but as I looked warnings started to go off in my mind, "Danger Will Smith, Danger" they shrieked. Yes, I was approaching the fast food - snack section of the freezer Isle. But I'm no faint hearted pansy, susceptable to onion peels, breaded chicken strips, and cream cheese poppers, right? Eat good? I think that was last week as I quickly grabbed up ALL the above and some TGIF spinich artichoke dip too, after all someone I know might see me and report back to the spousal unit!

Last night we had a storm here, one of those 100 year models. You know, they say it was out of the ordinary like once in a hundred years. I'm getting a little tired of hundred year heat, hundred year monsoon, hundred year everything thats not good. Why can't I get a hundred year job, with a hundred year salary?

My tree in the front blew down again, same in the back, my palm trees lost some fronds and the 3" of rain in 1 hour nearly overflowed the pool. Even my garbage can blew away as it was out in the street for pickup. That's OK, they all look the same so I guess it was the neighbor's can that blew away!

The early bird gets the worm or can in this case.

Curiouoso* is apparently larcenous at heart!


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