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2009-06-15 - 12:33 p.m.

I'm back from California, a great trip for sure.

The first day started kind of late since I had a doctors appointment in the early afternoon. They decided I was alive and let leave, no problems like terminal insanity, elephantitus of the coccyx or parasitic VOMERONASAL ORGANs. Thank God for that!

Drunk ASS Pablo and I picked Rosie up near Tucson ( not literally, though she's losing so much weight it wouldn't be hard! ) and she drove all the way to San Diego. I forgave her for being a "Cat woman" something that has probably destroyed more friendships than parasitic vomeronasal organs, when I found out she loved Jimmy Buffet songs. We sang them for at least 50 miles through the desert, Drunk ass Pablo accompanying us with whistling.

Then we hit the west bound illegal alien checkpoint where we were rousted and searched for drugs both by a dog and an officer, a problem I blame(d) on Rosie since she had cats at home, probably high on catnip. I failed to convince the Assholes (sorry, border patrol), that Drunk Ass was an alien and needed to be picked up and lost in the federal prison system. Soon enough we were back on the road, Fuck You very much, officers.

The next day I drove all the way to Lodi from San Diego stopping only near disneyland for gas. Can you say, "a long day"?

I'll update later with more fun facts about my trip, like the "lapdance surgery". Think about that one for a while! (for losing wieght)

Curiouoso* signing out.


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