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2004-06-16 - 8:29 a.m.

Was this a mistake? Diaryland is almost all "I'm so broken hearted, Love lost, Poor me, Cutsie younger girls".

(No offense meant to the real womem here, or diarys that don't fit that description) I signed up for various thoughts, but Relationships and Sex, I'm thinking, may lose me friends and nieghbors since they often figure in to the equation.

So it's either do it real and make it possibly interesting to some and NOT tell friends about it, or leave out any thing like that and not many will read unless I can get my political stuff in gear. (I have political thoughts regularly but I fooled around so long to start this I forgot most of those ideas). Besides as I said who here is really interested in politics???

OK, Here's the participatory stuff.... Do I talk about the attractive hispanic woman next door that I could easily have a hard on for, The 20 yr old "all-american girl look" topless dancer who assured me in 2 years she hadn't been corrupted by alcohol or drugs yet (How about money and sex? What would it take?) or the myraids of other possibilities that most likely won't happen, or stick to other topics that won't get me in trouble? Let me know your answer and what your experiance has shown.



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