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2006-09-16 - 6:13 p.m.

Hello, At long last the "new" bike look.


Almost done! That new seat is really comfortable. It has a sissy bar / backrest for the passenger too.

I had a rough, or at least tougher than usual 2 weeks at work, but it's over now. My coworker was on vacation (like he's not even when he's there!) and We had lots of work to do. That coupled with a somewhat lazy and tired feeling that I had, made for the long 2 weeks. We are getting a new boss soon, and it's a little stressful during the wait. I feel I have it pretty good, not ever being harrassed about when I'm there, arriving or leaving, as long as things get done and done right. I usually work from 6AM till about 4pm each day and get paid for 8 hours. This is by choice and Unofficial so I can apply some extra time as comp time. My present boss is OK with that so it works out quite well. The clinic site is closed on the weekends so I get the same time off as Amy does. Hopefully the new manager will be down with the same policies and methods.

I have to sayonara now as 5 young girls arrived for a sleepover till a birthday party tomorrow. Of course they will all want to use my computer.

Remind me NOT to BWD* later this evening. I get carried away with ideas and after big wine evenings I'm somewhat spacey about expressing them.....

Slancha! Curiouoso*

*BWD - Blog While Drinking or Blogging While Drunk!


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