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2005-01-13 - 3:45 p.m.

Good Afternoon Dear Diary,

It looks like I've got that job. Unfortunately it doesn't start until Feb 1, then the pay period is every two weeks, with the check issued the next week, all of which means I won't have an income for 5 weeks. 5 weeks! I'm glad there is food in this house. Still it looks like the perfect time to get on a limited food intake diet, maybe a once a week fast also.

I think it's going to be a really good contract even if it might be short.

Some of you might not like some of the things I occasionally joke about, like dad's alzheimers. True it's not a pleasant situation, but what else can you do but try to keep a positive spirit up? He isn't going to be offended and there's absolutely nothing anyone can do to prevent it from getting worse, so I just treat him as always, until that day when he knows nothing. I certainly would not do anything in reality to make him feel bad.

A death among friends is a situation that can be much harder to deal with. I found that my unhappy feelings after someone passes away are usually all about me, not the unfortunate. I'LL never see him again, I wish I had spent more time with him during his illness, She was MY favorite great aunt. See how I,I,My are in every sentence?

It wouldn't bother the dead no matter what you say or think. It is only when a person is alive that matters. Funerals are good for letting go, closure. Other than that I don't see the value. My friend Dave left instructions to have a party after the funeral and have a good time on him. I couldn't even think of partying after the funeral cause he wouldn't be there. Maybe a year after but not then and there. Besides, I partied and rode motorcycles with him. When a smarmy looking wannabe TV preacher stood up and said "This is Dave's favorite hymn", I could have puked! Favorite hymn? I didn't hear anyone sing "Bottle of wine"!

Bottle Of Wine by Tom Paxton
Bottle of wine, fruit of the vine,
when you gonna let me get sober.
Let me alone. Let me go home.
Let me go back and start over.

Well, I've rambled around this dirty old town
singing for nickels and dimes.
Times getting' rough. I can't get enough
to buy me a little bottle of wine.


Well, little hotel, older than hell,
cold as the dark in the mine.
Light so dim, I had to grin,
I got me a little bottle of wine.


Well, the preacher will preach and the teacher will teach.
The miner will dig in the mine.
I ride the rods, trusting in God,
huggin' my little bottle of wine.


Well, pain in my head, bugs in my bed,
pants so old that they shine.
Out on the street, I tell the people
I meet to buy me a little bottle of wine.


Bottle of wine, fruit of the vine,
when you gonna let me get sober.

People at funerals, like weddings often have strange reations to the celebrations. How many people do you know that started dating after meeting at weddings or funerals? How many went home (hopefully they made it home!) and had wild sex? I won't bore you with details, but in my experiance it's pretty common and natural.

I forgot the whole point of this exercise (perhaps I got to involved reminiscing about the certain weddings and funerals I've been to) other than to say appreciate people while they're here. (and of course, Love the one you're with!)

Crosby ,Stills, Nash & Young, who could forget? Curiouoso*


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