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2005-06-08 - 11:21 a.m.

That's it. No more recycling for me. At this point it's written in stone (though maybe sandstone if I get convinced again).

You know, I save all my aluminum, plastic, glass ( California recycle amd all the rest) and put all paper and newspaper in the garbage recycle can as well. I'll be damned if I'm going to sort and put the aluminum and plastic in the garbage company recycle just so they can get money from it. So, for 15+ years I've been regularly recycling all the above and hauling it every couple months to a recycle place and getting $5.00 or less every time, getting only the consolation that perhaps the world will be a better place for you and me. (I know it sounds like a song and trite, but it should be an important thing, right?)

Trust me, sticky cans and plastic smell and attract bugs, mess up the garage, glass is heavy and takes up way too much room, no way in hell is it worth the few bucks, with out the "do-gooder" feeling.

Maricopa County in thier wisdom has included recycle places in a list of "second hand" businesses, like pawn shops and flea markets. They passed a law stating that any recycling over $25.00 must have a drivers license, auto license plate number and complete address on file. I have always provided a name and address, though grudgingly, but when they asked to see my drivers license and then wanted to take a copy(!), for $2.97 worth of plastic and aluminum, I said NO! They showed me a paper that stated any amount paid out over $25.00 needed a this, but an I.D. number was sufficient.

I pointed out $2.97 didn't qualify, and I'd give the number, but not a copy. She said then we can't pay you. I flipped out (quietly, no muss or fuss for a change) and said "OK, Give it Back!"

They had to weigh out my cans and glass and load them back in the truck for me.

In, a state where Identity Theft is rampant and getting worse I'll be damned if I'll give a copy of my drivers license out for $2.97!

A letter goes out today chiding the county supervisors for stupidity and refrences the Sheriff's dept who insists on the I.D. copy.

I'm even taking my "green diary" windmill off this diary site! It's going in the trash not the recycle can from here on out!

Curious as to how fucking stupid some politicians are, Curiouoso*


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