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2009-09-25 - 1:12 p.m.

Hi, I'm still here. I've been on a limited food diet, mostly vegetables and some fruit. No sodas, less alcohol, minimal sugars of any kind, etc.

I'm down to 249, which is less than I've wieghed consistantly since November 2004. Reading my notes I was biking 5 to 9 miles a day, swimming alot, and generally exercising good.

Now it's been mostly diet, but today it was cooler about 101 so I went about a mile on my new bike I mentioned 2 months ago. Tomorrow I'll try to get up early and do 2 or 3 when its only 90 out.

I rode the motorcycle yesterday about 100 miles in the heat and sweat off alot.

So thats over 20 lbs off in the last 2 months, and if our old gym reopens, I'm joining and will go use the sauna regularely and do boucoup cardio.

I need to get a more energetic feeling and lower my blood pressure and cholesterol (without drugs.) I maybe diabetic also, so losing more weight can fix that too. I'm having problems with edema in my feet, they are swollen all the time, so that will go away too.

Sounds like I'm on my last legs? Well I'm not! I'm planning on being around to enjoy retirement, just like my 8 month unemployment!

Ok, I've got to go pay bills and try to save the house - it's in foreclosure for November. Anyone that can sopare a big cardboard box?

Curiouoso dealing with the usual.


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