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2005-12-03 - 10:08 a.m.

Check out hippie shit. . She actually lives right here in Avondale, AZ, is really cool, has good taste in music, and reads rumblelizard and lonelylatina who has good taste and is one of my favorite dlanders, has listed her as a favorite. to make a long story short I notice my readers and favorites have a lot of common reading favorites so check out all my favorites as I check out yours.

Since I am not a christmas fan I probably won't be talking much about it, but this scrooge does want everyone to know that I wish the absolute BEST to them for this (and all) holiday seasons.

I'm convinced that the people I've been reading are indubitably the best, smartest and most wonderfull on the web! So be happy.

I've given up begging for notes, since no one seems to be in a communicative mood, so lets try some reverse psycology. Absolutely DO NOt send me a note, unless you really mean it!

I seem to be in a very absolute, black and white, no room for deviance mood today by my writing. That's very atypical for me as I am always "out of the box" and do not often color between the lines. That's probably what attracts me to people like hippie shit, and maybe you all.

Curiouoso* full of shit today and with no hair. (I cut it short,short yesterday)


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