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2007-03-15 - 8:20 p.m.

Here's a St. Pats Day Quiz

How Irish are you?

1.When you toast someone in Ireland you say:

A. Skoal!

B. Heres looking at you kid!

C. Slainte!

2.The Irish language is called:

A. Inishmore

B. Aranish

C. Celtic

D. Gaelic

3.A stile is:

A. The way Irish women wear their hair

B. Something you make whisky in

C. A passageway thru a wall or fence

D. A sore eye

4.A Boreen is:

A. A drunk in a pub

B. A saucy lassie

C. A place to keep pigs

D. A small path or road

5.The Irish Famine was due to:

A. Mrs. Oleary's cow

B. Viking raiders stealing the food

C. The Sasanaigh

D. The failure of the potato crop


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