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2007-06-04 - 5:49 a.m.

Just random stuff today.

I thought Dland and those who read you and you read them would be a virtual community after awhile. Instead it's more like low rent apartments around a military base. You meet someone,just start to get to know them, suddenly they are gone, just disappeared. Dead ,moved away to Brazil with some ill gotten gains, who knows.... I know I bitch about this regularly, some one reads this crap, but you'd never know it by any feedback.

This morning I drove to work listening to some early Clapton music. Now that was real rock and roll. Many of those songs have been recorded over and over by many artists of different styles. I played "I shot the Sheriff" for RAt Ryan the other day which he really liked, having only heard the reggae version before. That album also has some J.J.Cale songs, Cocaine and After Midnite on it as well. Monday morning proof that the seventies aren't dead yet (and neither am I, though I certainly tried hard enough!)

This Weekend it's off to Reno and Lake Tahoe for "Scattering of the ashes" of my late father. Every year from about 1967 till 1995 or so, My parents would take us, and later all of our kids to a cabin at North Shore for a week in the summer. Our kids and all thier cousins became very close because of this. They enjoyed these vacations so much that Dad requested his ashes to be spread around this location.

Too many memories are attached to this place to recount, but a couple stand out.

1970, @ 18 years old my parents refused to let me sleep in the same room as my girlfriend. Come on Dad, this is the 70's! Don't crimp my style!

1983 (or so) Staying there with Amy, Euro Bear & her new love, What an Asshole! We suggested driving around the lake to Grover Hot Springs State Park, for a nice mineral bath. He complained all the way what a stupid idea that was ect., till he met some friends there and introduced Euro Bear to them, thus looking like a "Man about California" known and loved everywhere.
Of course he took credit for going there to them, " I thought it would be a great idea to come out here....."

I couldn't believe she married him and it actually lasted a few years. (True B.S. wil always out.)

Then, the time I won $7990. on a slot machine and rented a speedboat on the lake for everyone and bought dinner etc.

In the late 90's riding my bicycle around the lake with Amy and my Brother Ronaldo.

I'm tempted to spread a little Midnite up there also because Dad always liked him, but I think Midnite is going around our house back in Petaluma and the parks in liked to play in.

Can you visualize this? "Hi, my name is Tom and I used to live here with my dog Midnite. I'm going to dump his ashes all around the front and back yards, and maybe a little in the kitchen, Is that a problem?"

"My dad liked the guest room, so could I spill a little of him aound the carpet there? Hey! Wait a minute! It's ashes to ashes, dust to dust, You don't have to get upset about it! 911? I'm outta here!"

Come on lets get some feed back for a change!

Curiouoso* whines away again


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