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2004-06-21 - 9:42 a.m.

Monday 10 AM the weekend is finally over, Mom, Dad, Pablo & Rinaldo have hit the road for the 750 mile trip home. Not a minute too soon. I was about ready to get in the "Beast" 4wd and head for the hills, find an abandoned mine, drive in and stay till everyone was gone.

Don't get me wrong, I love the family, but things just go into family interaction mode and watch out. Pablo & Rinaldo haven't been here before so that was nice, especially since Pablo is going into a 2 year alky rehab program Weds., so I won't see him for a while. By the way, What's with that? I need to drink like a fish and burn all my bridges to be rewarded with free food, drink and Rent for 2 years in the middle of San Francisco Bay on Treasure Island with billion dollar views????

So Rinaldo has a bad back and takes some strong medicine / drugs for it, that Pablo took and promptly mixed with multiple beers he had hidden, causing a big blowout.

Add Mom "ordering" me to take the garbage out first thing in the morning (in my own house!)and Dad saying "good night Sam" to me, (not my name, he has beginning Altzheimers)and the weekend starts getting stressfull.

Worse than the rest, Pablo tells me they all had a discussion about my anti government attitude and decided I was nuts! Mom says I don't care what they know about me, I haven't done anything wrong! And when all her bank acct disappears she won't mind, right?

The lady across the street when I was 4 came by with her daughter, my x-babysitter, and her husband, a nice guy. That was fine, except she like Dad is on her way to oblivian and does nothing but talk about her trained parakeets. (They say Hi to themselves in the mirror!)

That's enough of that to give you the idea of the four day visit from purgatory, Hell is too strong, Heaven only covered a half hour in between.

I know I should be glad now that they are all still here, I am, the future comes awful fast.

Damn, there's no ice for a "lived through it" celebration margarita!



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