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2004-11-04 - 7:59 p.m.

I was walking down the Santa Cruz boardwalk/beach early in the morning the day after Halloween when I spied a shiny object buried in the sand. I reached down and dug up what looked to be a ceremonial dagger. It was vaguely Aztec in style and was quite sharp. There looked like there was dried blood on the blade. I looked around to see if the prior owner(s) were furtively watching, but the beach was deserted. Legends abound about old Kris and knives "finding" thier next owner by appearing suddenly, to be found. On such a busy beach, it isn't likely such an item would remain unfound for long, yet who would bury it on Halloween like that? I still don't know what, if anything, other than a decorative art knife, it is. This is one of the items I keep in my home office. It seems to give me good luck, though more than once it seemed to try to draw my blood. Occult knives are reputed to have this property.

I'm begining to look for work again as my contract is up soon. When I work in an office I have a whole collection of "totems" or curios I keep on my desk. Right now the inventory consists of: 4 3" diameter stress balls, 1 earth, 1 moon, a purple one and a blue one. One miniture bicycle on a stand with a large white rubber brain riding it ( this is off my bicycle helmet that I used on the Aids ride. Takeoff on TV, "this is your brain on Bike!" ).
One 4" mini beach ball of unknown origen, and to hold down the many papers I accumulate, a 1" thick slab of pure white quartz with streaks of silver running thru it that I found in an abandoned silver mine in Ireland. Of course no well dressed desk would be complete without a foot long cloth snake from a casino in Reno. Add a couple acryllic stock ipo "tombstone" paperweights and a pyramid above the home office desk, 1 killer sharp lapland letter opener with a reindeer bone handle and that's just about it. Of course I have a shiny telescoping back scratcher with a chrome hand on the end that has it's fingers bent into the "bird" position for letting people know when I'm not pleased or at least when I'm feeling irreverent. My Ex-boss used to find it hard to stay pissed when I waved that in her face and said "It's a good idea but...(WAVE, WAVE)"

Enough of this, What's on your Desk? Curiouoso*


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