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2005-05-25 - 9:25 p.m.

Been There - Done That:

Come on, You know I don't Kiss & Tell! When I was young I thought it was important to remember Every experiance, name, etc. Now I've forgotton many, even Names of some of the people that were important to me. I couldn't even give you an approximate number.

Besides, I don't want Jealous Husbands, boyfriends, etc. hunting me down!

Future Lovers List: ** Note me to be added **

Come on people! I'm getting a little lonely Here!

Alright! Applicant #1 Timetosquare: I'm sorry, but you're only on the future conditional list. I usually won't consider anyone who's not in thier 30's yet. I know it's not fair, I respect you too much to affect your life like that. Let's just hope when you are 30+, my requirements aren't 40 or 50! I find sexy young women to be a cure for backaches. If I get one You'll get the call first!

Applicant #2 sixweasels: You're in!

You pick me up at the airport. I'm so happy to meet you that I pick you out from the crowd immediately. You give me a spontaneous hug, then ask, "Where is this great restaurant you made reservations for us at?"

I'm tempted to say "Nassau, Are you packed?", but restrain myself as we really don't know each other yet. I mention the name, you are impressed. "I've heard of it but never went before, I thinks it's kind of posh", you reply.

As we arrive, they take the car for valet parking and direct us into a very fancy room. The Maitre'D say, "What can I do for you?", but frowns when I say we have reservations. He says" Coats and ties are required, sir, but we have something that might fit here." Some society Bitch at the bar overhears and snickers. The Maitre'D seems quite snooty also, prompting you to say,"Thats OK, I have another idea."

As we leave I'm a bit embarrassed that things seemed to go downhill so quickly. Sensing this, you squeeze my hand and say, "I wasn't really dressed for that place anyway. Besides I have a favorite intimate place anyway."

When we arrive we are greeted like old friends, and quickly seated in a comfy corner away from the crowds.I order a big fat Margarita over, with no salt and you order your favorite. Before they arrive a waitor brings two shots of Fine Tequila for us and says,"Compliments of the house Miss Six, your usual starter!"

We bang them down, and with my eyebrows slightly raised, I ask,"YOUR Favorite, Miss Six?" She laughs and we are both suddenly totally at ease. Dinner comes and is wonderful, as is the crisp white wine I ordered.

With a Grasshopper and a Brandy Alexander each for after dinner, I feel quite at home ,as you seem to also. You say,"I know you mentioned that you would like to see Assholia, so nows the perfect time!" Deciding a Taxi is the better part of valor, I have the hostess raise one for us. It's a mercedes taxi, not the common beat ford! We slide into the back seat together and I risk brushing my lips on your cheek. "Silly", you murmer,"Don't be that shy!" as you give me a very satisfying hug and nip at my ear.

By the time we arrive at the bar I'm feeling pretty sexy and the night seems special. We have a couple drinks, and the bartender yells last call. You volunteer to let your dad go home early and we'll straighten it out for tomorrow. He leaves, locking us in. You have the key so I'm not worried, besides being locked in with you can't be all that bad!

We are behind the counter as you say, " I'll makes us one more". I come over near you and we simultaneously clutch each other in another big hug, this time with wandering hands! We fall to the floor, seeming like there is no tomorrow with our frenzied kisses and flying clothes. Lying there with you I feel quite excited, like a teenager in the throes of lust, when you suddenly yell "Stop!" I stop instantly,sudden doubt on my mind. " what's wrong?", I fearfully whisper. "not here" you exclaim, " It's not fitting!" What?", I ask. "Not fitting?" "NO", you say with a laugh," Not on the floor behind the bar, On top the bar!"

So went the best night ever, Us oblivious of the few late night gawkers outside the bar's front windows.

OK, what about the rest of you???


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