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2007-10-21 - 2:25 p.m.

I forgot to add yesterday that a copy of your letter to the foreign leader needs to be sent to your congressman or the white house. We need to get in thier face constantly! You serve us you priviliged Assholes not the other way around.

Our local Maricopa County Sheriff, the infamous Joe Arpaio, (BTW, Famous refers to people that are well known, INFAMOUS generally to "having an extremely bad reputation" according to, an apt description of this corrupt, publicity hound sheriff) was upset at a local free newspaper, and put the grand jury up to this: "The county grand jury was investigating Phoenix New Times to determine if it broke a state law regarding police-officer privacy when it ran Sheriff Joe Arpaio's address in a story three years ago."

The deranged Sheriff, "In a breathtaking abuse of the United States Constitution, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas, and their increasingly unhinged cat's paw, special prosecutor Dennis Wilenchik, used the grand jury to subpoena "all documents related to articles and other content published by Phoenix New Times newspaper in print and on the Phoenix New Times website, regarding Sheriff Joe Arpaio from January 1, 2004 to the present."

And worse, "More alarming still, Arpaio, Thomas, and Wilenchik subpoenaed detailed information on anyone who has looked at the New Times Web site since 2004.

Every individual who looked at any story, review, listing, classified, or retail ad over a period of years." Reference

So Joe Arpaio had them arrested, but the public outcry forced the prosecutor to drop the charges!

Hey I'll save the grand jury the trouble of looking up 1 reader of the New Times, Here I Am! So far as Sheriff's Joes address, I'll save you the trouble of looking it up! Here is the link on google: Perhaps the paranoid Asshole's wet dreams will come true and he will be the target of some plot! (Bear in mind, I'm not recomending or proposing such a plot, just showing how easy it might be to find this info out.)

And you thought it couldn't happen in America....Well it just did. If the Sheriff doesn't like what you said, He'll have your Ass arrested! Fuck you, Mr. Unamerican Arpaio!

Curiouoso* knows an Asshole when he reads about one! ****Comments Here


"The subpoena demands: "Any and all documents containing a compilation of aggregate information about the Phoenix New Times Web site created or prepared from January 1, 2004 to the present, including but not limited to :

A) which pages visitors access or visit on the Phoenix New Times website;

B) the total number of visitors to the Phoenix New Times website;

C) information obtained from 'cookies,' including, but not limited to, authentication, tracking, and maintaining specific information about users (site preferences, contents of electronic shopping carts, etc.);

D) the Internet Protocol address of anyone that accesses the Phoenix New Times website from January 1, 2004 to the present;

E) the domain name of anyone that has accessed the Phoenix New Times website from January 1, 2004 to the present;

F) the website a user visited prior to coming to the Phoenix New Times website;

G) the date and time of a visit by a user to the Phoenix New Times website;

H) the type of browser used by each visitor (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Netscape Navigator, Firefox, etc.) to the Phoenix New Times website; and

I) the type of operating system used by each visitor to the Phoenix New Times website." "


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