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2007-04-30 - 4:07 p.m.


You might have wondered where I've been. Just busy working and too tired or not interested enough to post.

But this last weekend was quite an experience! I convinced Ryan to go with me to California and meet my Tae Kwon Do (Moo Duk Kwon) instructor from years ago. I wanted him to see the Art and a traditional Master Instructor as opposed to the school he attended back in Petaluma, where he always said the instructor was "savage."

Master Yu was quite kind to spend the time before class with Ryan talking about life, goals and health. Master Yu is 72 now, but teaches a full schedule of classes. He punctuates his teachings with stories, similes, metaphors and "fables" to illustrate the meanings. Some, perhaps many, can be construed on multiple levels.

I was in no shape to participate in the exercise/workout portion of the class for the first hour, but Ryan tried to follow along. He was toast after an hour. Remember Ryan is in OK shape, 6'7 or 8, weighs only 170 and is 23. He was running with another guy, tall but really cut, so a bit heavier, when Ryan, trying to be motivating suggested, "Let's pick it up and finish real strong," The guy didn't really say much and it didn't happen. Later I had to laugh at this story, because it turned out the guy, really nice and friendly, was an ex-Mr. Universe and an actor now. (the studio is on the CBS movie studio lot) I told Ryan, after achieving Mr. Universe, he knows motivation and dedication, but good try anyway!

Master Yu jokingly warned me that he wanted to see me back there again and if I looked as fat and out of shape as I do now, "I will kill you!" I replied,"You won't have to, Your first hour of exercise will do it for you!."

One of his students came out to speak with us after class and told us he was back in the martial arts after 8 years of not, and had trained with Chuck Norris, and a few other Karate legends, but had never found a teacher like Master Yu. He didn't have to convince me! After we left, both of us felt really good about driving 350 miles to go to a 2 hour Karate class, and meet Master instructor Yu. I just won't wait another 34 years to see him again this time!

Just think, I've dutifully drug 2 karate uniforms from place to place and hung them in my closet for 34 years! I guess I knew I'd need them again some day! Or perhaps that's how much a few years with one of the best instructors in the world, a mentor to me in some ways, means to me.

Ryan wants to go back and study with him but isn't sure how to work it out. I told him I would pay for the training if he did.

Coming in the next installment of Curiouoso's strange trip, How I broke every tenet of Mr. Yu's training in one day by being stupid and letting baser instincts take over, including how I came an inch and a prayer from being incarcerated by the Border Patrol without even going to Mexico!

All in all this was a life changing weekend! Don't miss "BUSTED," coming to a computer screen near you soon!

Curiouoso, without even one muscle that hasn't cramped after an hour of stretching 2 days ago. Can you say "SORE?"


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